A good fast bowler should be.

The sport of cricket has two major delivery styles, fast bowling and spin bowling.A competent fast bowler can be a major asset to their team, but acquiring the skills necessary to get the ball to the wicket takes a lot of hard work and dedicated practice.Break down the mechanics of bowling techniques and strengthen your focus under pressure will help you step up your game.Click here if you want to find 10-pin bowling tips.

Step 1: A grip that is more effective for fast bowling is what you should take.

The vertical seam running down the center of the ball is parallel to your fore and middle fingers.Wrap your thumb around the bottom so that it rests on the seam.The ball should fit perfectly in your hand.Knowing how to hold the ball will help you become a better fast bowler.

Step 2: Prepare your run up.

Pick a approach that feels natural and experiment with the speed, length, and angle.A long run up gives fast bowlers plenty of room to build up their strength before they hit the crease.Others do better with a short run up.The key is to figure out what's most comfortable for you.Several of the world's best fast bowlers use short run ups.Some take less than 10 paces to deliver the ball.

Step 3: Use your wrist to move.

When it comes to a stop just above waist height, snap your wrist and follow through with your entire arm.Giving the ball a little push will allow you to channel your full power into the bowl, adding considerably to your speed.Don't lock your wrist.As you come to the end of your run up, you will be in a better position to whip it if you keep it relaxed and facing upwards.It's a good idea to practice safely.If you are not careful, moving through an increased range of motion at high speed can put a lot of stress on your wrist.

Step 4: Speed is priority over precise placement.

Getting maximal acceleration is more important than line and length.Without sacrificing control, make each delivery as fast as you can.It is hard to develop pace once you have become set in your ways.As you refine your technique, try to put the same amount of intensity in each delivery.

Step 5: Change up your delivery to confuse the person.

Bowl different lines to keep them guessing.If you bowl to the off side, leg side or midline, the opposing team will catch on and you will give up more runs as a result.The path the ball takes is referred to as the line.A bowl directed to the front side of the player is said to be off, while one that goes behind them is known as leg.

Step 6: Aim for a good length with each bowl.

The ball should be delivered so that it touches down in front of the player.When bowling a good length, the ball bounces near the middle of the pitch, which makes it harder for the player to predict the height and angle.The point where the ball bounces on its way to the player is called length.Short bowls bounce closer to the bowler than full bowls do.These types of deliveries are easier to hit since they give the player more time to watch the ball or telegraph the line in advance.

Step 7: It's a good idea to learn to bowl.

Swing involves getting the ball to curve in the air.The ball should be polished smooth on one side of the seam and roughed up on the other side.The bat's aim will be thrown off at the last second because the ball will change directions suddenly.Swing causes the ball to go in a different direction.To make the ball curve to the off side, bowl it with the polished side facing your right or left.Swing can result in a penalty or disqualification in some leagues.

Step 8: You can practice bowling Yorkers.

A Yorker is a bowl that lands in front of the player.The ball should be delivered straight down the middle of the pitch to make contact with the popping crease.When a Yorker is used, the batter is forced to adjust their footing, leading to either a hit on the ground or a leg before dismissal.Yorkers are one of the hardest bowls in cricket to pull off effectively, so getting good at them will require a lot of practice.

Step 9: Make sure to study the person.

You should vary your deliveries to see how the bat responds.Altering your line, length, and speed every few throws will show you how they react to different deliveries, which will give you a chance to exploit their weaknesses.If the bat will attempt to reach for a shot, then bowl a short one on the off side to see if they play forward or back.You are more likely to come up with a strategy for getting them dismissed if you find more holes in the bat.

Step 10: Stay focused on the task at hand.

Don't allow yourself to be distracted by the fans of the opposing team.Your attention should be on the ball, the pitch, and the player.No matter what happens in the game, you need to keep your cool.Think of each delivery you bowl as the most important in the game and play your best all the way to the end.A game of cricket can last a long time.During practice, keep this in mind to develop your mental endurance.

Step 11: You should have confidence in your skills.

The bowling crease is a good place to approach it.You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand and not worry about what will happen if you fail.There is more of a chance that you will come up short if you doubt your ability to outsmart the bat.The opposing team could score runs if you hesitated.

Step 12: Have fun.

Don't let the stress of the game distract you from your love of it.At the end of the day, you can enjoy yourself and engage in a friendly competition.You will find that you play better when you don't want to win.

Step 13: Cardio exercises will increase your endurance.

You will be a better cricket player if you are in good shape.75 minutes of vigorous cardio per week is what you should aim to get.Running, jumping rope, bicycling, and swimming are some of the activities you can do.

Step 14: If you want to increase strength, do weight training.

All of your major muscle groups should be worked out twice per week or more.Increasing your strength will make you a better bowler.

Step 15: It's a good idea to eat a diet that is healthy.

Aim to eat a diet consisting of a variety of healthy foods.The majority of your diet should include fruits and vegetables.Limit your intake of processed foods.Stay hydrated as well.If you are a male or female, you should aim to drink at least 15 cups of water a day.