A good pair of ice skates.

If you want to get the most out of your ice skates, you need to learn how to buy the best ones.Renting skates is a good idea before buying ice skates.If you discover skating isn't what you really want to do, then you have not spent a lot.

Step 1: blades and boots are not sold together.

Step 2: You should choose the right boots.

It is not necessary to have a boot with a lot of padding on the tongue for beginners.There should be three hooks.

Step 3: The blade should not have a large toe pick.

It's enough to have about 3 or 4 picks.

Step 4: The boot needs to be fitted correctly.

Check the fit of the boot on your ankle.When you learn about curving and turning, your ankle will direct your foot in that direction.The boot should fit from foot to toe.

Step 5: It's time to break in your new boots.

They won't feel very comfortable at first.Break them in and build them up.It's easier to break them in if you wear them around the house or watch TV with guards on.

Step 6: Make sure there is enough support around the ankle.

The skate boot has to stop most movement.It should allow for flexing and pointing of the foot as well as bending in the ankle.The front of the boot should be large enough so that you can wiggle your toes, but still snug around the instep and the heel.

Step 7: Pick the blades you need.

Dance blades are shorter on the heels.The advanced freestyle blades have large picks.

Step 8: The blades should be in your boot.

If the screws are intact, make sure the blades are screwed on.The blades have to sit under the boot.It is important that the blades run true across the ice.The feet will fall inward if the feet are set too far in.

Step 9: The blades need to besharpened.

The blades need to besharpened.They should be sharpened by someone who knows figure skating and hockey.If you fall out of turns on the ice, you will know when to have them sharpened.

Step 10: The skates need to be waterproofed.

The shop will either apply a waterproof coat for you or tell you to do it on your own.The sole should be waterproofed so that it doesn't rot and absorb water.

Step 11: Purchase guards.

It's important to wear guards while walking around the rink.They protect the blades from pressure and come in many different colors and combinations.They are usually made from plastic.

Step 12: Keep skates dry.

As soon as you step off the ice, wipe the boots and blades with an old towel.To protect the blade, put a "soaker" over it.Your skates will last because of this.