A green tea face mask can be made.

You can make a face pack with a bag of organic green tea. Step 1: There is a pot of tea. Leave the tea in the fridge to speed it up. Step 2: Add 3 or 4 cups of tea with rice flour. To make the mixture smooth and spreadable, add just enough rice flour.If it is too thick, add more tea.Add some fruit, such as a banana or mango.Banana and mango are ideal for masks.It can be mashed up in the mix. Step 3: You should wash your face with your regular cleanser. You can dry your face with a towel. Step 4: The mask should be applied to your face. Step 5: It should be left on for 15 minutes. Step 6: Rub the mask on your skin to get rid of dead cells. Step 7: When you're done, apply your regular moisturizer. Step 8: The green tea teabags should be in a bowl. The bags and tags should be thrown away. Step 9: Take a small amount of facial cream. The tea should be put in the bowl. Step 10: Add sugar or sea salt to the bowl. They are used to remove dead skin cells. Step 11: Add the egg whites. Step 12: Put a small amount of water in it. Step 13: Add a small amount of oats. Step 14: Put all the ingredients together. To get the consistency you want, add more water or oats. Step 15: Make-up can be removed. The hot water will open the pores. Step 16: Put the mask on. Leave for 15 minutes. Step 17: The mask should be washed with water. Step 18: Take care of your face. Done! Step 19: The water should be boiled in the microwave or on the stove. Step 20: The teabag should be placed into the water. Step 21: Put the liquid in the mask bowl. Leave it to cool off. Step 22: If you want to steam your face, use the same green teabag. Step 23: You should scrub your face after 10 minutes of steaming. Step 24: There is a mixture of vitamins C, honey, and oatmeal. Keep in mind that more honey means you need more liquid and more oatmeal.The oatmeal will suck in all the liquid after a few minutes.Too much Vitamin C power can cause irritation to your skin and it's difficult to get it into the water. Step 25: In the bathroom, apply the paste to your neck and face. It's messy and better to do it at the sink. Step 26: The mask should be left on as long as you want. You should leave it for at least an hour and up to three hours.It takes time to work.The longer you leave honey on, the better it is for your skin.When oatmeal starts to dry up, put a paper mask on top to keep it from dripping.The oatmeal keeps the mask moist and it won't be dry if you leave it until morning.