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One of the largest snakes in the world is anaphylactic.Several males fight for the chance to mate with the female in the wild, where anacondas mate near water and form breeding balls.To mate anacondas at home, you will need to prepare them properly and put them in an enclosure.You can make sure the anacondas produce healthy offspring by caring for them.It's very dangerous to mate anacondas.It should only be done by trained herpetologists.

Step 1: A male and female anaconda is needed.

When they will be sexually mature, make sure both anacondas are at least three to four years old.Both snakes have a good body weight.You should be aware of your local laws before buying snakes.You have to have a special license if you want to own dangerous and exotic animals.If you want to use a male or female with your own pet anaconda, you can purchase two of the opposite sex.In the wild, anacondas mate in groups with one female and multiple males.You can start with one female and one male, and then add more males to increase the chances of success.

Step 2: The female anaconda has a enclosure.

The female should have an enclosure.It is a good idea to wash and wipe the enclosure before sex.Make sure the enclosure is large enough to hold more anacondas.A friend may be able to help you hold the anaconda while you clean it out.The snake is attended to while you clean the enclosure.

Step 3: The female anaconda needs to be cool.

The female anaconda will be more receptive to sex if her body temperature is adjusted.You should cool down the female about eight weeks before having a baby.The cool end of the enclosure should be reduced by 5 degrees to make it 75 to 77 degrees.The cool end of the enclosure is 68 degrees and the hot end is 74 degrees.During the cool down, give the anaconda two to three meals.It will be harder for the snake to digest food when it is cooler.Some snakes die in this state because they can't digest food.

Step 4: The female anaconda needs to be warmed up.

Increase the temperatures in the enclosure by 2 degrees per day after the cooling period.Until the normal ranges in the enclosure are reached, do this.The daytime temperature should be between 80 and 82 degrees.Nighttime temperatures should be between 78 and 84 degrees.Give the anaconda as much food as it wants once it warms up.

Step 5: The male should be introduced to the female's enclosure every seven days.

Put the male in the female's enclosure for 24 hours to get her interested in him.Put the male in the enclosure for 24 hours after seven days.For several weeks, do this.It will give the snakes enough time to get to know each other.When the female snake is in a cooling period you can time the introductions.The male and female can interact in a range of temperatures.

Step 6: The female should be checked for fertility.

If the female has had a large meal, look to see if her midsection is bloated.There is stretching between the scales on its midsection.

Step 7: The anaconda needs to be in the enclosure.

Place the male anaconda in its enclosure if the female shows signs of ovulating.The snakes can interact in the enclosure.It may take some time for the relationship to develop.The male will wrap around the female over time.You can put more than one male anaconda in the enclosure.The males will be able to compete for it, creating a breeding ball.The ball can last up to four weeks.

Step 8: You should check the female for eggs.

The male and female will separate after the anacondas have sex.The male should be removed from the enclosure.The female should be watching for signs of pregnancy.The female may have a large midsection.

Step 9: Wait six months for the litter to come out.

acondas have eggs in their bodies.Six months is how long it will take for the snakes to be born.They give birth to live young because they are oviparous.The litter can be young or old.The female anaconda will leave the young to fend for themselves once they are born.Babies will lose their skin ten days after birth.You can feed and house them.

Step 10: Allow the female to take a break for a couple of years before getting back together.

acondas give birth to large litters as they don't mate very often.Every one to two years, most species of anaconda breed in the wild.Female anacondas can be stressed out if they are forced to breed too often.