A guide to every type of potato you need to know about the differences between yellow and gold potatoes.

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I haven't found the potatoes at the grocery stores since moving to Canada six months ago.I was curious as to whether or not the Yellow potatoes were the same or if they were completely different.The texture of the potatoes is a little bit harder than the gold potatoes, but they seem to be the same.Can Yellow potatoes be used interchangeably with Yukon Gold?

They are often used in different ways.Yukon gold potatoes are a type of yellow potato.They were developed in Canada.You will see them on store shelves here in Canada, but they can be seasonal.About six months of the year are when I find YG.

Look for Maine Carola Potatoes.They are the closest to the actual Yukon in both flavor and texture.Yellow White and Russet potatoes are grown in Maine.I'm pretty sure that some stores in the maritime have Carola Potatoes.

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