A guide to typical luggage sizes.

One measurement doesn't tell us how big a suitcase is.

It reminds me that a tall thin glass doesn't always have more juice than a short thick glass.

To know the capacity of a suitcase, you need to know three dimensions, height, width, and depth.

If a manufacturer calls a suitcase a checked bag, it is under the airline size limits for checked luggage.Travelers are hit with charges for checked luggage all the time.

The same applies to the carry on bag label.It is meaningless since many bags labeled as carry-on size could land you with the cost of being forced to check them for being too big.

Don't trust the labels and assume that the bag with the bigger headline number will hold more clothes when packing.

The wheels and handle are not always counted by the manufacturers.The airlines count wheels and handles.The luggage size chart shows the luggage dimensions from the bottom of the wheel to the top.

A personal item is a purse, handbag, briefcase, or laptop bag that is taken on board in addition to a carry-on.

Since low-cost carriers stopped allowing carry-on bags for free, you might pack your clothes to save money.

Personal items should be small enough to fit under the seat.Check your airline's size limits for personal items.

A weekender bag can fit under the seat and is good for 2 or 3 nights away.

If you follow our traveling light tips, you can travel for extended vacations with only a personal item.You need to pack quick-drying clothes and be prepared to wash your hands.

The carry-on bag limit can vary greatly if you are traveling internationally.The carry-on bag size for international travel is 21 x 14 x 8 inches.Many airlines around the world will be compliant with these measurements.You can check international carry-on luggage size limits if you know the airlines you will be using.

If you are going to be globetrotting, make sure you have a lightweight carry-on.There are often weight limits for carry-on luggage on airlines.

The maximum size for domestic carry-ons is 22 x 14 x 9 inches.Unless you fly on Southwest, there is no reason to buy a larger carry-on.

Business travel, short trips, or weekends away can be done with a carry-on.You don't need to wait at the baggage claim carousel if you take your luggage into the cabin.

If you keep your bag close to the cabin, you can make sure it doesn't get lost or damaged.

The overhead bins are not big enough to hold cabin luggage.Priority boarding allows you to get to the overhead lockers before the crowd.

Carry-on bags are larger than small checked bags.The manufacturers forget to count the wheels.A strict airline will force you to check that bag.

Maybe you prefer the experience of checking luggage.If you don't worry about getting your suitcase into the overhead bin, it will be easier to board a flight.

62 linear inches is the maximum size for checked luggage.When summed, height, width, and depth must not exceed 62.

It seems like a reasonable question.How much space does a suitcase have?

Remember the story about the juice.It doesn't help us determine how big a case is.Bigger isn't always better.

The suitcase with the largest capacity for luggage would be a perfect cube of 20.66 inches.The box has a capacity of 144 liters and is under the 62 linear inches limit.

This very large checked luggage from IT Luggage has a capacity of only 90 liters and is exactly 62 linear inches.That is less than the perfect cube.

The bag's capacity doesn't depend on how tall it is.The bag's width, depth, and thickness are important.

32 inches is about as high as most suitcases come.The 28-32 inch range is where the largest checked bags will be.

You need to make sure that the sum of the three dimensions does not exceed 62 linear inches with large checked bags.

You are more likely to hit a weight limit.Penalties can be expensive so it is always best to weigh your luggage.

I understand.Sometimes online shopping is hard and you just want to look at it.There are four suitcases next to two people.

The model takes the thickness of the suitcase into account.You need 10 liters for things like your laptop and shoes.

Depending on the season, the remaining capacity is used to figure out how many days worth of clothes you can fit into a bag.

A large suitcase is usually 30 to 32 inches in height.To be checked luggage, they need to be under 62 in the three dimensions.

If you are willing to do laundry, then the answer is yes.You need a large suitcase if you don't want to do laundry while you're traveling.Quick-drying fabrics can be washed quickly in the evening if you are willing to wash them.Even on long trips, you can carry a small carry-on.

The size of a suitcase depends on the other dimensions.The suitcase capacity calculator can be used to find the capacity in liters.

4.5 dollar bills are the same height as a suitcase.To know how much clothes you can pack, you need to know all three dimensions.

A teenager would be around the height of a 62-inch suitcase.A suitcase can be many different heights.62 inches is the sum of the three dimensions.32 x 20 x 10 inches.

Is it warm or cold where you are?Can you wear the same sweater twice, or do you need a different one each day?Do you need a laptop, 6 pairs of shoes, or only packing clothes?The suitcase you need for 10 days is dependent on the amount of clothes you have.Divide your suitcase capacity by how much you think it will hold.

Are you wearing shorts or jeans?Are you a large or small?If you want to know the size of a suitcase, you need to figure out what a bundle of clothes will be in liters.Imagine if you will 1 days worth of clothes rolled into a bottle.You need 28 liters for clothes if you take 14 days and 2 liters.To get the total capacity you require, add on your laptop, shoes, and toiletries.