A gynaecologist says putting yogurt in your vagina won't help.

If you develop thrush, you can expect to find a lot of information on how to fix it on the internet, including some classic advice: stick some yogurt up there.

The treatment of yogurt has been popular for a long time.I passed on that wisdom, along with the garlic clove in your vag advice, throughout university, and vividly remember tiny booklets about vaginal health passed out at school, which recommended rubbing live, unflavoured, unsweetened yogurt on your delicate bits.

It is good for our vagina and can cure yeast infections.There is live yogurt with lactobacilli.yogurt must cure yeast infections... right?

According to Dr Lauren Streicher, putting yogurt in your vagina doesn't work because the individual species of lactobacilli are different.

She says that putting a tampon in yogurt is nothing more than a waste of a good yogurt.

34% of women who think they have a yeast infection actually don't.We don't know what's going on so if you're worried, talk to your doctor or gynaecologist before you go for treatment.

It is good to know the main signs of a yeast infection.They are all in their glory here.

A gynaecologist spoke to Refinery29 to debunk two myths, one of which was that eating yogurt will cause yeast infections.

The director of the vulvovaginal disorders program at Mass General Hospital notes that it would be difficult for the yogurt to reach the vagina even if it were helpful.

There is a link between vaginal and gutbacteria, but no one is sure how it works.There isn't enough data to suggest that eating yogurt has an effect on vaginal health.

She says that if you like to eat yogurt, you should.We don't have a way to change the vaginal bacteria with your diet.

It's better to talk to your doctor or pharmacist than to do it on your own.They will likely recommend one of the below.

It is more difficult to get rid of a yeast infection once it is still around than to prevent it from happening in the first place.You can reduce your chance of developing thrush by following these steps.

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