A Harmonica needs to be cleaned

Are you going to clean your harmonica?It can be difficult to maintain a harmonica because it is so fragile.To clean your harmonica, follow these tips.

Step 1: It's best to rinse with warm water.

If you have a diatonic harmonica with a plastic comb, run some water through it.If you want to remove the water, place the mouth piece against your palm.If your comb is plastic or sealed wood, run water through the harmonica.Run water through the comb if it is wooden or metal.

Step 2: The harmonica can be tapped after each use.

saliva and other particles are blown into the instrument by the mouth when a harmonica is played.You can knock out saliva with a tap on your hand, leg, or towel after each use.This will help keep the instrument clean and reduce the amount of build-up.It is possible to be a dry harmonica player.You should try to reduce the amount of saliva you pass into the harmonica.

Step 3: After you play your harmonica, let it dry.

It is possible to keep your harmonica clean and rust-free by letting it dry after playing.Leave the case open when you put it in it.This helps the harmonica to dry out.

Step 4: It's a good idea to clean your mouth before you play.

Before you play, rinse your mouth with water.Remnants of food and non-water beverages can build up in the harmonica.Don't play right after brushing your teeth.There can be leftover toothpaste or mouthwash.Don't smoke while playing the harmonica.The harmonica can be damaged by this.

Step 5: The cover plates should be removed.

The harmonica's cover plates should be removed with an appropriate screwdriver.Some harmonicas have a flat head, while others use aPhillips-head screwdriver.It is important to find a screwdriver that is the right size.The screws should be placed in a safe place.After spraying the cover plates with alcohol, wipe them with a cloth.

Step 6: The reed plates should be removed.

To remove the screws from the reed plates, use the screwdriver.The screws should be placed back in the same hole as before if you keep them in order.

Step 7: The plates are soaked.

The reed plates should be placed into a solution of warm water and lemon juice.Allow them to soak for half an hour.

Step 8: The comb must be cleaned.

Clean the comb while the reed plates are soaking.You can clean the comb with soap and water if it is plastic.Use a toothbrush to clean the comb.You can spray the comb with alcohol and brush it with a soft brush.You can use a sharp object to dig.Do not use water or soap on a wooden comb.Use the brush or sharp object.Before you reassemble a metal comb, make sure to dry it thoroughly.

Step 9: The reed plates have to be cleaned.

The reed plates need to be removed from the water.The reed plates can be brushed with a toothbrush.The toothbrush should not be used to scrub the reed plates.You want to brush the reeds from the rivet down.Don't grab the ends of the reeds.This can cause damage to the harmonica.Don't brush across the reed.Only brush in the direction of the reed.The other side of the reed plate has no reeds.To rinse, run it under warm water.You can use q-tip and hydrogen peroxide to clean the reed plates.

Step 10: Re- reassemble.

Let the harmonica parts dry.The harmonica needs to be reassembled.Slowly screw the screws back in.Before you tighten them, make sure they are tightened evenly.

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