A homemade pore strip can be made.

Do you want to shell out money for pore strips?You can make your own at home for a fraction of the cost.You can often make them with just what you have on hand, from egg whites to honey and unflavored gelatin. Step 1: Put your ingredients together. You will need a packet of unflavored gelatin and a small amount of milk.You can pull off a thick film on your face with Gelatin, because it makes Jello thick and jiggly.A consistency like that of thick yogurt is what you're looking for.Add more if you need it.When you heat it, it will get thinner.You can use almost any type of milk.lavender essential oil can be added.It is important to use a bowl that is safe for the microwave.It's about to get hotter.You don't need a big bowl for this mask.The mask can peel off hairs in a painful way, so you may want to wax or shave before doing it. Step 2: The mixture should be microwaved. For 30 seconds, microwave the mixture.You might want to check it out sooner.Don't let it boil.Make sure it's warm when you pull it out.The stove can be used to heat the mixture.Make sure it's not too hot for your face by sticking your finger in it.If it doesn't hurt your hand, it should be fine on your face. Step 3: It should be applied to your face. You can use a makeup brush or a cotton ball.You can apply it all over, but you should focus on your problem areas, such as your nose, chin, cheeks, and forehead.Where your blackheads are prominent is where you should look for them.This mask can hurt sensitive areas so try to avoid them.It's possible to apply it to your nose.It will smell bad.You only need to go over your face once if you apply a thick layer.It won't dry properly if it's too thick. Step 4: Allow time for it to dry. Check back in 15 minutes.It is possible to set a timer so you don't forget.If you move your face around, the mask should be dry.It should feel dry to the touch.It can dry too hard if you wait too long.It will leave your skin red and sensitive if you let it go for too long. Step 5: Remove the mask. It is time to peel it off once you have determined it is dry.It should come off in sections.Pull slowly toward the center of the mask, starting at the edges.Continue until the whole mask is gone.If you want to see what you're taking off of your face, you can look at the inside of the mask. Step 6: Put cold water on your face. Cold water is needed to close your pores.An ice cube can be used.The idea is that you are closing the pores to get rid of more germs.It is possible to use an astringent and a light moisturizer.It's a good idea to put on a sunscreen if you're going outside.If you have sensitive skin, your face may be a little red after peeling the film off.Put an ice pack on the redness. Step 7: The strip should be cut to size. To fit over your nose, cut a paper towel or paper napkin.It should be long enough that it covers your cheeks.Make sure it's wide enough to cover your entire nose.The thicker the paper towel or napkin, the better it is for this project. Step 8: An egg needs to be separated. You need to separate egg white and egg yolk.The easiest way to separate an egg is to use the shell.An egg can be cracked over a bowl.To prevent the yolk from falling into the bowl, turn the inside parts of the shell upward, forming small cups.The egg white should drain through the crack between the two shells if the yolk is passed back and forth.You can either discard the yolk or use it in a recipe that calls for egg yolks.The fresher the egg, the easier it is to separate it. Step 9: The paper towel should be dipped in the egg white. The paper towel needs to be thoroughly soaked in egg white.The paper absorbs the egg if it is moved around in the white.If it seems soaked, apply it. Step 10: Put the strip on. The strip should be on your nose.To get it in the crevices of your nose, rub it into place with your finger.The egg white should adhere to your nose.Add a dry paper strip and apply more egg white to your nose.It's important that you wash your face before applying the strip so that it doesn't get grease on it. Step 11: Wait at least 10 to 30 minutes. The egg white needs to be dry.It can be dry in 10 minutes, but it can take 30 minutes.You can check on it periodically to see how it is doing. Step 12: Take it off. You can peel it off once it's dry.It's similar to peeling off a bandaid, though you may need to peel it more slowly.You can check to see what's gone.You can find a lot of dead skin on your homemade strip. Step 13: Milk and honey should be mixed together. To make honey and milk, mix one part honey with one and a half parts of milk.To do your nose, you'll need honey and milk.They should be put in a microwave-proof bowl.If you want to combine them more thoroughly, heat them up together.You can heat them for 10 to 30 seconds.The mixture should not be boiled.Milk can boil over very quickly. Step 14: You can apply it to your face. You should dip your finger in the mixture to make sure it isn't too hot.Your face should be able to as well if your finger can take it.You can apply the mixture to your face.You can apply it with a cotton ball.You can apply the mixture to your nose.You can apply it to your whole face. Step 15: Let it dry. For 15 minutes, set a timer.Check your face after the timer goes off to see if the mixture has dried.Wherever you apply it, it should create a film across your nose or face.Wait a few more minutes if it hasn't dried. Step 16: Remove it. Remove the film from your face.Most of the time it should come off in big strips.You can see what's pulling off your face by looking at the back side.You should see some skin problems.If your skin is sensitive, you may want to wash your face off.