Acima Credit reviews, complaints, customer service, and page 4 guide to acima credit: rent-to-own financing

Acima is an alternative to traditional consumer lending.Our No-Credit-Needed lease program gives you a lease option where eligibility is not based solely on credit, so you can take home what you need today.

The lease-purchase program at Acima allows you to pick out the merchandise you need and take it home.You don't have to make a big upfront payment.

Upon lease approval, you pick out the merchandise you want, and Acima purchases it from the merchant location.You can either use an early purchase option or complete all of the lease renewal payments on the property, which is owned by Acima.You own the merchandise after that.You can also end the lease at any time without penalty.

All kinds!Consumers can lease merchandise for personal, family, or household use.Furniture & mattresses, appliances, auto wheels & tires, as well as home & mobile electronics, car audio, eyewear, power tools, jewelry, and more are included in our merchandise categories.

It is great if you have all those things.We will let you know if you are approved after you fill out the application.

Upon lease approval, you pick out the merchandise you want, and Acima purchases it from the merchant location.You can either use an early purchase option or complete all of the lease renewal payments on the property, which is owned by Acima.You own the merchandise after that.You can also end the lease at any time without penalty.

You need to find a merchant location.Select a category and enter your zip code to see merchant locations nearby.You can apply online or in the store, and they will help you out.

Each approval is for a specific merchant location.You need to re-apply if you want to use a different location.You cannot have more than one active approval at a time, and re-applying will cause your first approval to be canceled.

The approval for a lease lasts for 45 days.The approval is meaningless if you don't use it in that time.

The Customer Service Department can be reached.The online chat option can be reached by clicking the round icon in the bottom right corner of the website.The Customer Service Department is open on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays.The chat is open from Monday to Friday and on Saturday.

After you sign the lease agreement, Acima buys the merchandise from the merchant.Rent will be paid until you get ownership or the lease is terminated.

Most lease renewal payments are made automatically by your bank.You can use a credit or debit card to make payments and have those payments set up to process automatically as well.

You can make payments over the phone by calling Customer Service, or you can log into your online account at

After you sign the agreement, we will email you a copy of it.You can log into your online account at to get a copy of your agreement.

Before you sign the agreement, we will text you a link so you can read it on your phone.If you don't have a phone, you can request that the store print you a physical copy to read and sign.

In a credit transaction, a financial institution extends funds to you or to another on your behalf, which you can use for a purchase.Finance charges include interest if you make a purchase on credit.You agree to lease merchandise from Acima when you enter into a lease agreement.Acima purchases from a merchant.We don't give you money on your behalf.You can use a purchase option to own the property or end the lease at any time, without penalty, if you make lease renewal payments while using the merchandise.You make lease payments based on the value of the merchandise and the cost of lease services.Acquiring ownership is more expensive than the retailer's cash price.

Income information is not required on the application.What is your primary source of income?Full-time job, how you are paid, and what your total monthly income is.You can include all sources of income in the total.

If you apply for a lease through Acima, your score shouldn't be affected.Depending on the consumer reporting agency, the inquiry may appear on your consumer report.Acima uses a soft pull to get your consumer report from any of the national credit reporting agencies.

You don't need a good credit score or consumer report history to be approved for a lease.We mean it when we don't need credit.We look at multiple data points in order to make a final decision, and we approve customers who have little or no consumer report history or credit score.

As part of our review of your consumer report, we may receive your credit score.We do not base our approval decision on your credit score alone.Many customers with no or low credit scores are approved because we use proprietary technology to look at the bigger picture.

A soft pull of your consumer report is an option available from the national consumer reporting agencies.Only if you request a copy of the consumer report from a national consumer reporting agency can you see the inquiry from Acima.Other users of your consumer report may see inquiries as a negative factor in creating a credit score or making a decision based on your report.Our review of your consumer report from these agencies may be shown as an inquiry because they don't provide the same soft pull option.These inquiries should not affect your credit score at the national consumer reporting agencies.

The cost of lease services and the value of merchandise are used to calculate your renewal payments.We will create a lease agreement based on the value of the leasable items after you pick out the merchandise.Before signing the lease agreement, you can review your renewal payment amounts.

The pay dates you enter on your application determine the due dates of your renewal payments.You can change your payment frequencies after you make your first renewal payment.

The property will not be purchased in 90 days.Call or chat with a customer service representative to set up your payment plan.

The time between when you receive the leased merchandise and your first regular lease renewal payment is the minimum agreement term.You will own the merchandise in 12 months, 18 months or 24 months if you make all renewal payments.

Your first payment is towards your lease.You have to make it before you receive the merchandise.The amount varies by merchant location and industry.

You can buy the merchandise at any time.Acima offers a 90-day early purchase option, which begins on the date that you receive your merchandise and ends three months later in California.The Acima Cash Price price and a small purchase fee can be purchased with this option.The merchant invoice price is included in the Acima Cash Price.

You can purchase the merchandise by paying a lump sum percentage amount of whatever your remaining total lease amount is at that time.The percentage varies by state but is usually 65 percent of your total lease amount.You can purchase the property before the lease ends at a discount.

You can choose to make all the lease renewal payments for your merchandise and own it at the end of the year.See your lease agreement for a full breakdown of fees if you have failed or late payments.You can end the lease without penalty if you don't purchase the merchandise through one of the options.

There is an early purchase option at lease creation.Call or chat with our helpful customer service department to purchase early or set up your 90-day payment plan.You can use the MyAcima customer portal to make early or additional payments.

We will help you out if you contact us at least 3 business days before your payment is due.We always need at least 3 business days' notice for any payments, whether it's an automatic payment, a one-time payment or a final purchase payment.We won't be able to make any changes to it once it starts processing.

The total lease amount is calculated using the Acima Cash Price of the merchandise and the cost of lease services.Most states require sales tax to be paid on rental payments, meaning it will be applied to all payments.You will pay double the original invoice price if you make all lease renewal payments.

Acima doesn't send billing statements by email or physical mail.You can check your balance at any time by logging into your account.You can request a physical copy of your statement from the Customer Service Department.

Yes.If you would like to return the property, please give our Customer Service Department a call and we will work with you to find the best option.

You can cancel your lease at any time.Please contact the Customer Service Department first.Instructions on how to complete the cancellation will be sent to you in an email.

If you notice a problem with your merchandise, please contact our Customer Service Department.Depending on the situation, we will work with you to find the best solution.

If your goods are lost or stolen, please contact our Customer Service Department as soon as possible.

If you received the wrong item, please call our Customer Service Department.