Act when you discover gas leaking in the kitchen.

Is it possible to smell gas in the kitchen?How to respond in the first critical minutes is here.The information presented in this article is for US gas supplies and appliances.

Step 1: The danger should be determined.

If it is difficult to breathe or the smell is strong, leave the kitchen immediately and get any other people out of the building, first of all, because the safety of people is always the first thing to consider.Light can be turned on in the kitchen.doorbells should not be turned on or off.Don't use matches or naked flames.If you use the bathroom, it will cause more gas.Don't smoke.The signs of a gas leak include a strong "rotten egg" smell, Hissing or whistling noise, and dead or dying vegetation.

Step 2: You should call the emergency services.

If you need emergency help, use your neighbor's phone.If you suspect a gas leak, never use a cell phone or portable phone within the house.You can use the cell phone at the neighbor's house.

Step 3: The doors and windows are not locked.

If the smell of gas is not overpowering and you cannot hear a loud sound of escaping gas, you should not do this.

Step 4: The gas supply should be turned off at the mains box.

Don't turn the gas supply on until the company tells you to.

Step 5: The stove burners have to be checked.

If you can breathe easily, the smell of gas is not overpowering, and you cannot hear a loud sound of escaping gas, check the stove for burners that are on but not burning.The knobs should be off.All knobs should be turned off.

Step 6: Check the oven to make sure it's working.

There is an oven control knob.The off position is where it should be.The control knob should be turned off.The control on the oven may be electronic.The gas will be turned off if the off or cancel button is pressed.

Step 7: Check the clothes dryer.

Some clothes dryers use gas.The dryer control knob should be turned off if this is the case.Do not operate the controls if you don't know that the dryer is powered by gas.

Step 8: The pilot light on your boiler might not be on.

A gas odor can be caused by this.

Step 9: Contact the gas company.

Most propane and natural gas supply companies will come to a residence to test for gas leaks.The source of the gas leak will be identified by them.

Step 10: Get the leak fixed

Even small gas leaks will not fix themselves.If you need help locating the leak, contact the gas company and use an experienced repair person.