Air conditioner codes for remote operation are available on

Need codes for AC remote control?Did you misplace your AC remote?Here is a list of universal remote codes for air conditioners that use a remote control.You can program your old or new universal remote to operate your air conditioner with this code list.If you bought a universal AC remote and lost it, the codes we have listed will work with your brand of air conditioner.

Airwell, Arena, Arlec, Aussie Air, Aux, Blueway, Carrier, Celestial, Changhong, Chigo, Cooline, Conia, Daewoo, Daikin, DEC, Dlonghi, Derby, Electra, Electrolux, Email are compatible with air conditioner remote codes

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The codes are for the air conditioner.

Try the codes for your AC brand and one will program a universal air conditioner remote.The list on this page will show the remote codes for your AC brand, so if all functions are not working, repeat the process with a different code.

You can program an auto finding code by pointing the remote at the AC and pressing the "SET" button for 5 seconds.

Is the AC brand not listed?We will find the codes to operate your AC if you let us know the brand of your air conditioner.Whether you need 2, 3, 4, or 5 digit codes, we can help.We will add your brand to the list if you let us know.

My parents lost the AC remote while cleaning out their tenant's place.They are looking for a universal replacement but are not listed in the list of brands.The AC split unit model reference is referred to as theParker brand.Someone knows of a code that can be used to program a replacement universal AC remote control.

Andy, do you have the codes for the Airton AC remote or is it an IR remote?

Do you know anything about the air?I can't find anything online about the heating and AC unit in the apartment I rent.

Do you know the codes for the split type A/C with the brand "YOKOHAMA" or which is the most known sister brand?

I have a Union Aire split system that has a replacement remote part number.Do you have a universal remote that will work?Thx

I have a universal remote that has 200 code numbers, but I can't set the auto seting.Thanks.

I need to find the remote control code for a Mirage Plus mini-split.Any suggestions?Thanks.

I went through your list but could not find the code for AllAIR a/c.The model is called the TAC12CHS/G.

I bought universal control but can't find a code for it, so I'm wondering if it's possible to help.

The brand of my air conditioning is Firstline, but I can't find the remote control codes. George, can you help me find them?

I bought a universal remote for my Pioneer split type a/c.I can not find a code for it.I can't find the name 'Pioneer' on any list so far.Please help.If you need more info, I have pictures of the label.I need to know if you have a universal code for my Pioneer.

I need the code for a universal remote for my split system air conditioner.Thanks for your help.

I need a code for a Daijitsu air conditioner.We bought a universal remote.

I have 500 in a universal remote and the least autosearch from 0.500 doesn't produce a match.

I think this is a product code for the computer unit.

If you own a YMGI Model# WMMS-24E-V2B(57)3 you won't see that brand on your lists.Is it possible that you could help find them?KeyOne has a universal remote.I think it will need a 4 digit code when it searches the display.

I need the codes for the air conditioner, I have tried several brands, but nothing works.

Can I ask what code I need to type on the universal remote control?

I have a lorenz air condition and a universal a/c remote, but I can't find the correct code.

There is a need for a code for Soleus air 1800k btu mini split.

I need the codes for Telstar and Super General Air Conditioners.I've tried several brands' codes in different apps, but nothing works.

I finally found out that GE and General Electric use gree codes.It will use either 000 or 014.026 was the unit that my GE unit used.It is a standard window Ac unit.

I have a Boston Innovative Products A/C mobile unit that I need a remote control for.

Help is needed for ac remote code.The Fujiaire remote is not working.fujiaire is not in the list after I bought the Chunghop universal remote.

We lost the Zamil Classic Split-type AC, please find the code, thank you.

Do you know if this remote will work with a secret Genaire code?

We don't have a Genaire air conditioner remote code in our database, so you can use your phone to control it.

I'm looking for a replacement remote for TOVLUX, I think it was built by AUX Electronics and from China.

The PDF manual for the Tristar AC will show you remote codes if you check this page.

Try the remote codes without the zero.If that doesn't work, you may want to try a universal remote that is programmed for most Split Air Conditioners.

I tried that but didn't succeed.If I press 0 as the 4th it gets out of code mode.I think I will take it back.Thanks for your time.

There is a code for a universal remote control that I need.

I have a York A/C model HLCA12FSAD-4 that uses a/c remote control model R51/CBGE that is not working, please advise which universal control works with the above unit.

I can not find the remote code for the brand. I would appreciate your help.

Check this page and the other pages in the Westinghouse AC manual if you have more issues.

I used the 1000 and 1 Universal remote control to operate the Pensonic Air Conditioners.Would you have the codes?

I used the 1000 and 1 Universal remote control to operate the Starwin Comfort Air Conditioners.Would you have any codes?

I need the code for a universal remote control.I bought a universal remote control that has the brand Universal, but I can't find it on the internet.

The Westpoint 0088 code does not work on the KT-e08 remote, so please give me a code to program it.

We don't have a remote for the Best AC unit, can you help us find the code?

What is the code for universal remote control for mastro KT-TS08 or R06/BGCE?

I bought a universal remote bus but it didn't have a code.

I have a Carrier Model 42KNL020313 and I try all of the codes listed here, but they don't work.Did you have anything else?Please.

I have a Firstline aircon unit and need a universal remote code, as well as the code for a General Electric model.

I have an air con unit that shuts down automatically.Sometimes the air con unit doesn't respond to the remote.

I have an International Comfort A/C model no longer in production and cannot find a code to connect it to the AC.

If you press the set button long enough, the type code area will flicker and you will be able to set the auto set function.When you hit the correct code, press ok. for my AC, it found the code was 40.

Can you help me with the universal remote code?

The remote of the model number FLS13A3C was lost.

Help!Does anyone have a code for a heat pump?I have a universal remote and it won't turn off the heat pump anymore, I tried doing the auto find, but it did not find anything, help me!Thanks!

We don't have any remote codes in the database, so try looking through the Admiral AC User's Manual.

I have a universal remote, but I don't have the code for it, and I cannot find my air conditioner remote.

I don't have the manual for the Elegance air conditioner, and the universal remote is no longer working.

I have a universal remote, but I don't have the code for it, it is a 3 digit code.

Are you still using the original remote that came with your AC unit or are you using a universal remote?

If nothing works, buy a well known brand universal AC remote control that works with TOTALINE AC units.

I need help with the remote code for the Climaveneta a/c unit.

I need Code who can help me with my A/C and remote, I bought August 1000 in 1 K-108ES.

Does anyone have the code for the sunair?The touchkeys on the appliance have stopped working after I lost the remote.I'm looking at buying the AirconOff Smart remote here in Australia, but I can't find the code for it.

Try these Malaysia Electrical Corporation (MEC) air conditioner codes.

I'm looking for a universal remote that will work with a Harbor Point split A/C model.

The JBC brand split systems don't respond to the remote anymore.I want to know if you can help me with the codes.

Check the Remote Control Reprogramming and explanation Manual for Klimaire AC to see if there are any codes in our database.

If this helps anyone else, I will post it.I bought a universal remote after the Eco Aire's remote control broke.I was very pessimistic that it would work because Eco Aire is not on the list of brands.As soon as I pressed power on the remote, the Eco Aire turned on and works great.I didn't have to put any code in.This is a great remote for Eco Aire.

I don't have a code for the Starway 12000 Btu Midwall Split AC that I have.

I lost my remote and need to replace it, but I can't seem to find a code for my air conditioner.

Delroy Chiwonzoro, is your Air conditioner remote similar to the one in this PDF Olefini Air Conditioner File?

The file does not have an a/c image but it has a shiny silver panel with a led on the lower middle.

You can try these remote codes for your SINGER AC.

If these work on your mini split air conditioner, please let us know.

Can you help?I bought a house with 5 air conditioning units and no remotes controls.Which remote would be suitable for the Steel Air M8249H/i?

The QUNDA KT-N828 AC Remote Control should work well with the Steel Air AC Units.If you want it to work with all your AC units, buy one first.

It is not listed in the lists provided by the universal a/c remote.

I have a General Electric split room air conditioner and my first problem is that the model doesn't exist on the internet.

You can use the remote codes from the numbers 830 through 859.

Which type of remote are you using?

It can't find the code on the universal remote.

The De luxe air con remote is broken and I can't find the make on any list for universal remotes.Can you help?

PleaseYork Model# MHC12B16 need the codes for that.

The AC Command is written behind the Beko Air conditioner code.There is a single chip.There is a writing called Q306ALG MCRSS046A K8W5TB.

If that doesn't work, consider using an Air Conditioning Universal Remote.

Which remote code will work on a universal remote control for my AC unit?

I would like to thank you for the Air Conditioner remote codes.I will be using this in the future.Thank you for the codes, I am happy to go to your website now, and I can rely on you guys.

I need a code for an Innovair Samba AC unit.

The remote has a Carrier code on it, but I can't find it. can anyone give me a code to operate?

If those AC remote codes don't work, please let us know what type of remote control you're using.

To share.Fujiare Model FBS-1217RV is currently being used by me.Code 090 is working for me so far.Maybe people can share different code/s that work.Ty.

I found that AC remotes with the same shape, design and controls work on the exact same frequencies.I used it and it worked for me.It takes 30 to 60 days to ship my remote, but I found several sites that have it.

I bought a universal AC remote control, but it doesn't work and I need a replacement.

The AC remote you need is not located in the USA as we have seen, it is always from China or Australia.Can you tell us about the universal remote you purchased to use with your AC unit?

If these do not work to control your Kenstar AC, please give us the model number and we can assist further.

All codes were tried for a Carrier Split AC.My AC malfunctioned after I hit #739.It works using a universal remote, but not with their recommended codes.

I bought a new universal remote for my split system and have been trying to get it to work, but I don't know the code for the air conditioner.

What brand and model number of universal remote are you using?

The brand of air conditioning is not on the list.We have an AC.Please help me find the remote code for my air conditioner.

If you can provide us with the model number of your unit, the SWIFT AC remote code will be available.

If the Kosner AC unit remote codes do not control your AC, please let us know the model number.

We can give you the correct remote codes if you tell us the universal remote control model number.

I don't have a code for the ac remote.Please help.

There are many of them on Amazon India.If you need a remote code for the Voltas AC, you can use the APP that is explained here.

I own a split aircondition unit.The brand multizone sahara is stamped on the inside piece.I believe it is made in Miami Florida.There is a model # ModMS18C2DC3.

Do you know which part of the AC is controlled by a remote, the Innovator part or the Sahara part?

Is it possible to use a universal AC remote that will find your remote code and program the AC automatically?

I put the remote in the washing machine because it had the Multizone Trademark logo on it.

The remote control has the numbers stamped across it's circuit board.The remote is shaped like an object.

I bought a universal remote.I have two other units that work with this remote, but not the one in question.The brand Vexus is stamped below the name of the innovator.

I can't control the AC.I can turn it on manually, but can't adjust the temp.

There is a model number on the side of the indoor unit.The product was made in the PRC.The model # modMS18C2DC3 isERIAL no A81416070900067.

If you accidentally put the AC remote in the washer, we assume you need a new one.

Here is a universal remote that can be used to control all split system air conditioners.

The Air Conditioners brand is D-LET, I lost my remote control.Can you help me set up the universal remote?

Is the actual name of your AC D-LET?Give us the model number so we can assist you further.

If the air conditioner remote codes don't work, let us know the model number and we will assist you further.

I lost my remote control.It came with a remote control, but I lost it.I have to use the controls on the air conditioner to control it.I need to make the ac universal remote work with theMitsubishi AC, but I don't know which code to use.

If you lost your remote control for your air conditioning unit, you can buy a new one online or at a home improvement store.

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