Are French Canadians more fascinated with Americans living in Montreal or the English speaking population already here

Are French Canadians more fascinated with Americans living in Montreal or the English speaking population already here

I do not know how French Canadians feel about Americans living in Montreal, but I know when I went there and we talked about De Gaulle and all the trouble he caused, some of the French Speakers or Quebeccers told me that they had said to each other on that occasion: “what is he doing here?”and he was thrown out.Being from France, I have to say that they did the right thing.

Some of them invited me for dinner.I told them that I was living in London, England at the time and they told me that they had invited me for dinner because I was living in England.If I had told them I was living in France, I would not have been invited.

So they like the English but from England.When I was in Quebec, I did not hear any criticism against English speaking Canadians.But once I met one on campus in the USA and she said that English speaking Canadians did not like the French from Quebec.But she never said that she did not like them.Regarding America in general, during the American Revolutionary War, the British who had taken over Canada from the French tried very hard not to lose Canada as well.

They were very smart because they knew that many French Canadians were attracted to the hysteria in the USA about being free from England.In order to counter-act this trend in French Canada, the British told they that they could keep their language and their religion and that if they joined the Americans, they would not be able to keep these two things because they would be swallowed up by their huge numbers.That is the main thing that kept French Canada intact.However, when one looks at modern trends, a large number of French Quebeccers would still love to join America.

I shared that point of view with an English speaking Canadian from Ontario and He said: “this does not make sense, they would disappear even quicker into the American melting pot.”So what does that mean if they would jump into a chance to join America?Maybe that thing about them wanting to remain French is just something they like to use against English Canadians???

Or They are more attracted to America and really do not care about the rest?There is definitively a question of rivalry against other Canadians.After 1830, English speaking Canadians had the majority in Canada.

There were French speakers in mostly all of the other Western provinces and they were submerged by English speakers when they got there.I talked to a French speaker in Montreal and at one time the topic was America and he said He would not mind it if Quebec would join America.

Americans are not part of our local conflicts, so they are usually a neutral party.They have less interferences in their judgement, so they often perceive us more from their own experience, which may differ from the doomsday scenarios that are pushed by the local English-speaking media all the time.If in the world you would think it’s better to have a Canadian flag on your backpack as a tourist, I guess in Montréal and in Québec in general, it would be the opposite.

We have no peculiar expectations of the Americans, so you would likely not be asked as much as the local Anglos.We would be more patient with the Americans.Unlike Canadians, there is no cultural rivalry with the United States, so Quebecers do not make a point of being critical of the United States, it is not a matter of pride.

In many ways, Québec often does not have to compete with the US, so there might be less fear or suspicion.If a Quebecer says ill of the US, I don’t think it would come from a feeling of having a duty to do so.Are we fascinated ?

I guess we might have been much more fascinated in the past.Nowadays, I don’t think the US generates a lot of interest.Americanist historians in Québec these days complain that in the past, people would have understood what they are talking about, but these days people don’t know the US anymore.

Especially these days with Trump and Charlottesville riot, we might even think of ourselves as superior.For Québec, the US is rather a touristic destination, not a place we would like to live in, excepted a few hardcore libertarians.