Are giclee prints worth the money?

Are giclee prints worth the money?

Giclee prints hold their value exceedingly well and might even grow in value over time. Art buyers choose Giclee prints because of their striking quality and the great chance of earning on the investments. Giclee prints are the gold standard for the reproductions of original works of art.

How much is a giclee worth?

A high quality archival giclee the same size as your original can be valued at 1/3rd of the cost of the original. So, if your original 18×24 painting sells for $3000 you can ask $1000 for each 18×24 giclee.

How do I sell my giclee prints?

There are several options when it comes to involving a third party to sell your prints. Galleries, frame shops, retail stores, and print publishers are a few worth mentioning. There are more and more galleries that are displaying giclee prints or have bins set up for selling them.

How do you tell if a painting is a giclee?

First, if you can, run your hand along the surface of the art. If the paint is still resting on the surface of the canvas and has been layered, it's likely an original. However, if it looks like the art is seeped into the canvas, then it's likely a giclee.10 Sept 2019

Are giclee prints worth it?

Contrary to what some might think, reproducing artwork will not decrease the value of an original. In fact, giclée prints can actually increase the value of an original. Also because of the high quality, these prints can often increase in value over time. This is of course dependent on the artist.6 Aug 2020

What's the difference between an art print and a giclee?

Giclee Definition: Giclee printing is a method of printing art on canvas or archival paper using pigment based inks on a commercial inkjet printer. Art prints are usually printed on paper or card based surfaces using a dye based ink.

Why are giclee prints so expensive?

Because embellishments make the work more original, it becomes more valuable and rare. The high quality and long lifespans of giclées ensure that the prints appreciate in value. As an artist becomes more popular and their work becomes more in demand, their limited edition prints will increase in value.24 Jul 2020

What is the difference between a print and a giclee?

Inkjet Printer: Standard inkjet prints are made using dye-based inks. Giclees are made using pigment-based inks. High Resolution and Color: They have the sharpest detail and highest resolution, displaying a full-color spectrum. Giclees capture every shade of an original work.29 Oct 2021

Are giclee prints high quality?

"Giclee" is a French word that's pronounced "zee-clay." These prints are high-quality and known for their unbeatable longevity. The process of giclee printing is a little different than other printing processes. It works in much of the same way that an inkjet printer does. Rather than dye, they use pigment inks.30 Jul 2020

How long does a giclee print last?

150 to 200 years

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