Are Montreal winters the worst you can find in Canada

Are Montreal winters the worst you can find in Canada

Are Montreal winters the worst you can find in Canada?——————————————————————————————————————-No, not even close!I absolutely know that along James and Hudson’s Bay, the average is a lot colder, as Arctic winds sweep down whenever it comes from the north.But more inland, there is a strange inversion that happens, (infrequently) so we can actually get some weird colder weather than these sub arctic and arctic places which are much further north!

I have often seen where when you start driving, your wheels are frozen “square”, i.e.with a flat surface where it was standing when you parked it!Where?

In Ontario, Iroquois Falls which is just south of the 49th parallel just north east of Timmins Ontario.Ontarios Coldest Temperature Revisited – CMOS Bulletin.“The date was January 23, 1935.

The location: Iroquois Falls, located 55 km northeast of Timmins and 40 km south of Cochrane, ON.The value was a minus 58.1°C (minus 73°F) minimum daily temperature.The observer was a trained volunteer at the Abitibi Paper Power Plant – a co-operative climate station where daily weather observations had been taken since 1913.

This minimum temperature allegedly broke the former record low of minus 57.6°C (-71.68F) set in Hornepayne in February 1918.>” So Montreal… downright Balmy, with a recorded low temperature of only -34 degrees Celsius, (-29 F).

Oh heck no If you want a bad winter, head to Winnipeg, which is generally seen as the worst place to spend the winter in Canada.Montreal is cold and snowy, and gets freezing rain quite commonly, but I’ve been there in February and been able to walk around quite comfortably all day without taking any special precautions.It’s also built with lots of underground corridors.

Winnipeg isn’t particularly snowy, but it gets months of cold weather without relief.In Calgary, you get the Chinook every once in a while to warm the place up, but by the time it reaches Winnipeg it’s another cold wind.Temperatures of -30C in Winnipeg in winter are the norm.

It’s a place where if you forget to plug in your block heater, you won’t be able to drive your car that morning.Also, don’t turn your car off while you get a coffee or you won’t be able to re-start it.

HAhahahhhahahahhaha!!!Ahahhahhahhahahhahhhh11111111 That big arrow coming down for a fraction of the way north in Canada points to Montreal, which is really far south in Canada.What’s the thing about north vs south?

Well, on this side of the equator, the further north you go, all else being equal, the worse the winters are.Steven Haddock gives a shout-out to Winnipeg, and its winters do indeed suck, as do Edmonton’s.I’ve flown into both for work in the dead of winter, and can attest to their suckiness.

But I also lived in actual Northern Ontario too, in Moosonee and Kapuskasing and the Gateway to the North, North Bay.Those places all have much harsher and longer winters than Montreal’s as well.Heck, Ottawa’s winter is harsher than Montreal’s, with colder temperatures.

Montreal’s great distinction is that its winter is harsher than Toronto’s.

Thanks for the A2A.Your question is a little hard to answer because Canada is such a huge country that it is hard to generalize about how one specific area differs from others.Montreal can have some very bad winter weather, with a lot of snow and cold temperatures, but some comments on other areas: the Maritime provinces typically have more snow, sometimes massively more snow.

They are surrounded by water so there is ample moisture to feed snowfall.the far north typically has colder temperatures for longer periods of time.I once worked for a winter several hundred miles north of James Bay in Northern Ontario.

Ha ha!You think Montreal has bad winters?Among the large cities in Canada, Edmonton AB and Saint Johns NL are the farthest north, but they don’t even have the coldest average temperatures.

Winnipeg MB holds the record for the coldest city in Canada, followed by Saguenay QC, Regina and Saskatoon in SK (close to each other), Thunder Bay ON, Sudbury ON, and Quebec City QC.But the place that always gets mentioned on the weather reports, just to make us southerners feel better, is that frigid little town on Baffin Island in the Arctic, Iqaluit.

Not even close.Expedia’s Canadian branch has a list of the 20 worst winters in Canada, Montreal isn’t even on the list.Of places with more than a few people, the worst is Yellowknife, in the northwest territories.

In December and January, the record high is right around freezing, the mean temp is around 25 below (C) or 15 below (F).

Not an intelligent question.After all, Montreal is almost at the bottom of the east side of Canada.There are a lot more towns/regions in Canada with higher latitudes closer to the North Pole.

As such, they’re colder than Montreal.Another reason the question is not very intelligent is because many Montrealers don’t consider winters bad.They enjoy winter activities like iceskating, snowboarding, and skiing to name a few.

Is Montreal winter’s the worst you can find in Canada?That would depend on how you define “worst.” It is often colder in other parts of Canada and other areas can get much more snow.

Montreal winters are harsh, Ottawa and Quebec city are worse, as are many of the prairie cities.

In the bush and the high north, a Montreal winter means break out the Sun screen.

Id say the winter in Montreal is cold and humid.It goes on and on…..

LOL I encountered -37 C last winter in the Yukon.Montreal isalmost tropical compared to that