Are Prince rackets still good?

Are Prince rackets still good?

But here's a fact: Prince still creates excellent racquets. One of the brand's bestsellers of recent years has been the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, which is what French ATP pro Lucas Pouille uses. The racquet is just a great all-rounder, forgiving head size, nice feel, good power and spin and not uncomfortable.

Who uses Prince tennis rackets?

There are still a few tennis pros who persist with Prince racquets. We can mention Nicolas Kicker and his EXO3 Tour 100 racquets, Pablo Andujar with extended the O3 Tours, and Malek Jaziri with his Tour 100.

Who invented the Prince tennis racket?

Howard Head

What are some tennis brands?

- Adidas. Adidas is a legendary company in the tennis world for their shoes and clothing. - Asics. - Babolat. - Head. - Lacoste. - New Balance. - Nike. - ProKennex.

Are Prince tennis rackets still made?

Head joined the Prince company in the early 1970s and developed the company's signature oversized tennis racket. Prince Global Sports now operates as a subsidiary of Athletic Brands Holding Company, which is majority-owned by the Waitt Company. The company's portfolio of brands also includes Ektelon, Viking and Battle.

Did Prince tennis go out of business?

(Reuters) - Tennis racquet maker Prince Sports Inc, which pioneered the oversized racquet, filed for bankruptcy protection in a U.S. bankruptcy court citing increased competition, piling debt and a decline in discretionary spending post the financial crisis that led to falling sales.May 1, 2012

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