Are there any great universities in Montreal other than McGill

Are there any great universities in Montreal other than McGill

It really depends on what your looking for in a school.At the undergraduate level MANY teachers teach at multiple institutions.Mcgill is known as being one of the top universities for reputation.

Though this is mostly based on just that.. reputation, rather than class sizes, teachers, research etc.I have heard from a few people the classes are large, the professors don’t care about you, and the teachings are a lot more conservative, and theory based, rather than a progressive, open and practical/realistic process.I would go to Mcgill for Sciences.

Concordia is the only other English school in Montreal, JMSB business school is known to rank very highly as well as the public policy and political science departments (my teachers went to Harvard, LSE, etc and aren’t as restricted as they are at Mcgill, my class sizes in third and fourth year courses were between 7-20 people).Also their focus on more practical and critical thinking results in a lot of study under some amazing people you would never have the chance to be with usually.I would come here if you want practical knowledge and to develop critical thinking in Education,Business, Political Science (not IR), Fine Arts and a few other arts programs.

Université de Montréal is a world class French institution that brings in the most Research projects in Canada, thus it could be said to be at equal standing with Mcgill in practical terms.HEC is highly recognized and more international focused (you have trilingual MBA programs).I would choose this school, from a purely educational standpoint (multi-lingual), and Law.

UQAM is very Liberal and progressive, though while it has a good reputation it is not ranked as highly as the other schools.Though I know a lot of amazing talent and publications have come from UQAM.If you want to study in a progressive and open environment I would consider this school as well.

I would come here if you want to make a difference in society on a social level.There is also a campus for Université de Sherbrooke on the south shore in Montreal.Point of view.

There are four universities in Montreal – McGill, Concordia, Université de Montréal and Université du Québec (HEC, Polytechnique and ETS are schools that are part of these universities).The only other English-speaking university is Concordia.It is ranked 16th out of 26 Canadian universities.

The 2nd highest-ranking university after McGill would be the French-speaking Université de Montréal, at 5th place.

Concordia, the other English-language university in Montreal (where my parents have taught and where I was twice a Masters student relatively recently but in different fields), is rapidly catching up in the national and international rankings.It has historically had a reputation of being a night school, especially the Sir George Williams (downtown) side.As some others have said, there are some programs – like at JMSB (the business school) – which are even better than their McGill counterparts.

UdM is the French-language equivalent of McGill but isn’t quite as high in the rankings.

Université de Montréal has departments that are superior to McGill.Specifically, U de M has one the top 3 deep learning labs in the world, thanks to Yoshua Bengio.

I transfered from Université de Montréal to McGill after a year.I would say your choice really depends on your area of interest.Since you mention Waterloo I assume you are interested in Sciences and Engineering.

If that is the case I don’t think there is a school in Montreal that stands up to Waterloo when it comes to Engineering (including McGill).

The answer depends.There is Concordia University, which has some great programs.U of M, Ecole Poly, and HEC Montreal has some cool programs too.

I would not get carried away from the overall world rankings.Also, Montreal is a vibrant city and all these universities are quite close.I have come across a number of students who move from one to other based on the specific grad.

They say that the one thing McGill students and students from other universities in Montreal have in common is that all of them applied to McGill.That being said, HEC Montreal can give you a great network if you’re looking to stay in Montreal.

The Université de Montréal, Concordia University.