Are you proud of getting a degree from the University of British Columbia

Are you proud of getting a degree from the University of British Columbia

Very much so.The Honours degree requires additional specialized courses in your discipline in 3rd and 4th year—an intense commitment for an undergraduate.I figure I worked directly at my studies 60–70 hours a week.

The expectations of my Profs were very high.When I wrote a 4-hour qualifying exam for graduate work at the American university I later attended, they were unfamiliar with a Canadian Honours degree and said they had never seen such depth of preparation in an incoming student.They bypassed the MA degree and placed me directly in the PhD program.

I’m not thumping my drum…I’m thumping UBC’s drum.

As you probably know, UBC places high on the list of world universities.Let me assure you, though, if you aren’t prepared to work your ass off, don’t bother attending.If you do, you’ll work with top people and top resources, and if you’re as fortunate as I was, you’ll have opportunities to work with deeply committed fellow students.

I was part of a voluntary study group of four.We were harder on each other than the Profs were!We remained friends and professional correspondents for the rest of our lives.

You bet!I don’t think I fully appreciated it until I went abroad and found out how well known my Alma Mater was, especially at other universities like Stanford.I learned that UBC is considered in the same class as Harvard and Yale and is a global centre for teaching, learning and research.

It is consistently ranked among the top 20 public universities in the world and recently recognized as North America’s most international university.I don’t know if the Vancouver Reference Style, or the Vancouver System, (also the author-number system) was developed at UBC, but I can guarantee that UBC graduates had a hand in developing it.This is a citation style that is popular in the physical sciences, and is one of two referencing systems normally used in medicine.

(The other is the Harvard system or author-date system.)I am proud of the UBC’s 100 year-old history and the part UBC has played in the area of Human Rights.I treasure the memory of the people I met when I was a student who are now public figures.

Like most good universities, the value of an education at UBC isn’t just in the classroom, and not all the skills I learned were in textbooks.If you decide to go there, please have a cinnamon bun and give The Cairn a pat for me.

I don’t know where any of my certificates for any of my education are.Except for my Pranic healing associate certification, because I have to produce that for insurance purposes or if a client asks to see it.No one cares if I went to makeup school or paralegal school or have degrees in philosophy and psychology or not.

No one cares.Also no one cares if I finished music school.For that they care if I sing well, and my education is referenced on my CV, but that’s literally it.

No one cares about pieces of paper, least of all me.I care what I learned and more importantly how I improved my mind and skills and life with my education.I really enjoyed my time at UBC and that’s what it was to me- taking classes I enjoyed.

That’s it.It was for me.

Yes.UBC is a well respected institution and its MBA program was, in my opinion, a good one.However I would like to emphasize that all any degree does is give you an opportunity to demonstrate what you can contribute.

Real world issues are not typically like academic ones so being able to manage university is not a guarantee you will do well outside the university.Nonetheless it does give many the confidence to try … even if a problem seems overwhelming.

It is amongst the few events about which I am most proud.UBC has been a mark stone in my life and career.It is a bed-rock institution,recognized across the globe.

It is ranked amongst the highest as an enduring place, even if Canada is a young country.Its core values are well known and highly regarded.

No.I don’t feel ‘proud’ about getting my first degree (UBC), nor for that matter my second degree (University of South Australia).

Are you proud of getting a degree from the University of British Columbia?Yes, I actually have two degrees from that institution and I am proud of that.

I highly value my Bachelor of Education degree from UBC (2007) because it was rigorous and highly professional teacher training.