As a US citizen and Starbucks barista with only some French is it possible to immigrate to Montreal

As a US citizen and Starbucks barista with only some French is it possible to immigrate to Montreal

Are you a Canadian citizen?Then moving to Montreal is easy.Living here might not be but I know plenty of people who have moved here from other parts of Canada and abroad and are doing just fine.

If you’re not a Canadian citizen, speak to a counselor regarding admissions requirements and tuition fees for foreign students.As far as your student status, your question is very vague – do you want to study at a University?Private college?

Have you gone through the proper admission requirements?Are you a Canadian citizen?I can’t give you any insight until you describe what your academic goals are.

For employment, any job you are thinking of that requires some interaction with the public will require you to have basic French conversational and communication skills.Montreal is a primarily francophone city and although the downtown core has a high concentration of English speakers you should expect to be addressed in French and there is an expectation that you will respond in French effectively.As a barista, speaking French will be a necessity.

If the language barrier isn’t an issue, it’s still fairly competitive to get a job at Starbucks.I don’t know what the staff churn is like but it being a trendy, youth-oriented place means that they probably get a ton of applicants all the time.There are tens of thousands of students that live in downtown MTL and surrounding neighbourhoods and they all want those glamourous, part-time jobs.

Good luck, Montreal is a great place and very student-friendly but keep doing your research and come prepared if you want to increase your chances for a successful outcome.

Yes you can, but you may not.Language won’t be a problem since there are areas with mostly English speaking customers.However unless you are a permanent resident, a refugee or a student you would be entering the country as a tourist.

If you are caught working you would be deported and never allowed to come back into Canada.Of course that is assuming that any Starbucks would allow you to work without a social insurance number and local Medicare card.Just keep in mind that if you dont have any legal health plan that covers your work accidents your employer would be in deep trouble just to pay your medical bills in case you hurt yourself in the workplace.

I am not even starting with tax consequences, city bylaws, inspections, food safety and more.That alone is an enormous discouragement for anyone to give any job to an ilegal alien – not even a farm in the middle of nowhere.

Why not?Montreal is a student city with 2 English universities and 2 French ones.A lot of students work as baristas.

It is possible, but if you really want to enjoy Montreal at its fullest, you should learn french.You’ll be able to work even if you communicate only in english, but it won’t be an awesome job.

Where are you coming from?