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The US, Italy and Turkey are major producers of pistachios.The northern Murray River area between Swan Hill and Walkerie is where the pistachios are grown.The Central West area of Victoria, the Pinnaroo region of South Australia and Western Australia grow pistachioschios.

Around 30 years ago, the industry in Australia became active after the development of the Sirora variety.There are 25 commercial growers in Australia.

There is 970 ha under production.The area under production is expected to increase to 1,770 ha by the year 2020.The Australian Nut Industry Council is the source.

Information on Pistachio Production, Industry and Markets can be found on the ANIC website.

The aim of the PGA is to be involved in matters relevant to the production of pistachios nuts in Australia.The Pistachio Growers Association Incorporated website has a lot of information about pistachios nuts.

Pistachio trees are tolerant of sandy soils and require well drained soil, wind, and salt.They require cool winters and hot summers.The pistachios are popular with farmers due to their ability to go down to 20 metres in search of water.

Pistachios are harvest in April.The nuts need to be dried in the sun after the husks are removed from the tree.They should be stored in a cool place after drying.

Pistachios need to be topped at a certain level to encourage growth.They are wind-pollinated and can blow up to 7 km.2 male pollinators are recommended for each 8 female trees.Female flowers are not visited by honeybees.

A tree can be as tall as 8 metres after 25 or 30 years.A tree can produce fruit for up to 7 years.For well maintained trees between the ages of 7 and 20 years, a rule of thumb is 1 kilo of nuts per year.

Pistachios are rich in vitamins and minerals.Information on health and nutrition of pistachios nuts can be found in the Health – Pistachio Nut.