Bath and Body Works Wallflowers Review, How long does wallflower plug last?

The tree plug in is adorable.I would leave it up all year.

I’ve heard they are great.I don’t know how well they would work in my house.I scatter a bunch of candles.

They sound amazing for the first time.I love that tree, too cute.

I am not a fan of artificial fragrance inside my house, but I know a friend who is crazy about this stuff.Will share this review with her.

I like the tree.It was a good choice.Bath and Body Works is a dangerous place for me.I’ll walk out with $40 worth of candles.Randi with an i

Carmen, I love your review!These must smell great!You made me curious about them.Jean is at

Thanks for sharing, that looks lovely!I have a new outfit that I would love to know your thoughts on.

I don’t like air fresheners for the home, with exception to scented candles, they really irritate my throat, and I find it hard to breathe sometimes.

We use this at home.I usually wait for store sales to get them in a lower price.

I like Wall flowers.The smell is amazing and the deodorizes pretty good.They are great for college

I’m glad I came at the right time.I am crazy about these.When you come home from work and open the door, the smell is great.Thanks for the review.That’s right.There is a website

The plug-in is adorable.I also have something similar.Yours is so much cuter.It gets really pricey overtime, I agree with you.

I used to visit a Bath and Body Works store all the time when I lived in the US.The post is very nice.

I worry that these might not be strong enough because I want the scent to fill the room.I like the concept.

I love the smell of a nice smelling room, but haven’t tried these particular ones.How cute is that tree plug?Thanks for sharing xSharan.

These plug-ins are great!The tree is cute.It would be great in a small room.I like a good scent when I enter a is a website.

I haven’t tried anything from Bath & Body Works because they are expensive.The crowd was crazy so I didn’t get anything.Carmen, you have a really good bargain here.

I love the scent of Bath and Body.That tree is adorable.

I like to find bath and beauty products that are on sale.I’m glad you found these and that you’re happy with them.Gabrielle has a glass of ice.