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It was dark.Light body.A clean malt profile with faint roasted notes.A small amount of caramel malt and cocoa.I think the can I mentioned is a schwarbier and not a stout.The flavor profile is similar to a schwarz.Excellent option in a wasteland of lagers.I tried from Can on March 16, 2016

There is a beer can in HK.The beginning was neutral.There was no depth.It was strange with no bitterness.It was tried from Can on 21 May.

A bottle.Black liquid with a small head.It seems like a schwarzbier to me.It does not look like a stout.It is not bad.The bottle was tried on 11 Oct.

It can be shared at THT.There is a tan head.The smell of malt, raisins, and fruits.It is sweet and bitter.Light beer with light carbonation.It was tried from Can on 13 September.

Can at Deano’s monthly tasting.A glass hugging tan head was poured.The roasted malt has a weak aroma.The flavour is weak and bitter.An awful example of the style.It was tried from Can on 13 September.

Sic1314 shared 33cl can.There was almost no head.There is a clear burgundy pour.Too thin for a stout.

Backlog 2007.Roasty, toast, coffee, slight hint of herbs, dough, opaque dark brown, tiny head that does stick, medium sweet, toasting malt, hints of coffee and chocolate, light sourness, nice beer, kinda light versionThe bottle was tried on 20 March.