Black spots and yellowing leaves on honeysuckle vines are why the leaves are turning yellow.

Curl up and die when the leaves turn brown because of a disease.The damage you describe can be caused by several leaf diseases.They are caused by a disease.They cause the leaves to fold and the branches to be twiggy.

How often should I water my plants?The soil needs to be kept moist until the plant starts growing on its own.Once established, the plant gets at least 1 inch of water a week during the summer.

There are diseases.There is a disease that attacks honeysuckles that don’t get enough water.Water and moist soil are required for honeysuckles.Some honeysuckles are hit by cankers and leaf Blight because they aren’t kept in the proper growing conditions.

To collect branches for disposal, spread a tarp next to the honeysuckle.Use a pair of shears to cut the outside branches.Remove all the branches from the soil line.In the spring, Prune out a third of the old growth.