Blue and Silver Weims from White River.

Blue Weimaraners are just like silvers, except the coat is black instead of taupe or chocolate.Like silver Weimaraners, the coat is charcoal gray in color and can be lighter or darker blue.There is a difference in tone between silver and blue Weimaraners.Color is not a factor in the temperament of the dog.

The American Kennel Club accepts both colors of the Weimaraner, but silver and gray are not showable.We are okay with the fact that Blue Weimaraners are considered an American variety.Blue Weimaraners are rarely seen in other countries.If you have a passion for the breed it shouldn’t matter what color they are.They are beautiful no matter what color they are.Their coat is gorgeous in any color.

The best companion you could ever have is a Weimaraner dog, they are loyal and devoted animals, and you can train them to have an abundance of exercise.Like almost any other breed of dog, if you leave them to their own devices for too long, you may come home to a stirred up home.Your Weim will tell you that it isn’t their fault.That is what you get when you go away for a long time.

This breed of dog was bred to be a hunter and companion dog in the same way.Hunters would bring them out to the fields to hunt and retrieve small game during the day and at night would keep them close to them.The Weimaraner likes to get very close to their people.They are loyal to each other.The breed of Weimaraners is unique and most breeders do their best to keep it that way.If you want to breed the best Weimaraners but also care for and raise your new family member, you need the right breeder.

There are 24 blue and silver Weimaraner puppies for sale at White River.They are waiting for you to take them home and make them part of your family.

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