Can a fridge be next to a cooker?

ооранени, транортн инотраноро.

ооранени, tатенето транортно те.

онтрие there is/are a lot of things.

ере is there.Are there three chairs in the bedroom?What is the name of the game?

How many is it?

ооранени, транортн те.

There is a kitchen.There are a lot of things in it.Next to the brown cupboards is a big white fridge.There are four chairs in the kitchen.The table is brown.There is a cooker and a lot of shelves there.There is a radio in the kitchen.It is really nice.

I'm a part of a flat or a _____.I am not very large.I have a bath in me.Also there is a mirror.I usually have a lot of shelves in my walls.What do I do?I am a 5.

1 реаает рат.

1.ерое транорта, тротор ранее траии.

2.ето.ерорити: -ch, -s, and -o.

енет, ie, "", is a word that means "f" or "fe".

There are 1 boxes, 2 shelves, 3 dishes, and 4 glasses.2.3.-sh, 4.-ss

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