Can birds eat nuts? What types are best for birds?

It’s easy to add nuts to backyard feeders and they stay fresh for a long time.Even though nuts are a great option for birders, they are even better for backyard birds.

The best nuts for birds are the ones that they are used to eating in the wild.Any nut-loving bird can sample suitable nuts when compared to the bill strength and mouth size of the bird.The best nuts for birds…

Depending on how nuts are offered, many different birds will try nuts at backyard bird feeders.Large nuts are often offered in the shell.

Smaller nut-loving birds flock to the buffet when nuts are small.The break up of the nuts makes it easier for birds with smaller bills to enjoy them.

When nuts are easily accessible or offered with a range of other foods, more unusual birds will sample them.The birds are known to snack on nuts occasionally.

Adding nuts to a dish or platform feeders can be as easy as tossing a few nuts onto the ground.It is possible to make nuts an even better bird feeding option by taking a few extra steps.

If you offer the right nuts, the birds will take advantage of the treat at your feeders.