Can someone find a job in Montreal without knowledge of French

Can someone find a job in Montreal without knowledge of French

Yes, particularly in fields that don’t require directly dealing with the general public or where one is dealing almost exclusively with the anglophone population (which is larger in absolute numbers than many people who live outside of Quebec often realize).A teacher in an English school, for instance, wouldn’t particularly need to know French, unless that was the subject they taught.Members of the clergy working in an English-speaking congregation can usual manage without knowing French, although it certainly helps if they do.

And there are various low-paying jobs where, provided your boss or supervisor is able to communicate with you, it really wouldn’t matter what language you happened to speak.All that said, at least some knowledge of French or a willingness to learn it, is definitely an asset and will open up far more opportunities for you.

Yes.Tech industry seems to be the biggest example of being able to only speaking English in Montreal for work purposes.I had s friend who did tech work in Montreal and most of the office employees were bilingual.

Montreal is a bilingual city will a full set of institutions that operate in English – universities, colleges and schools, radio stations, TV stations, newspapers.

There are numerous smaller tech companies that operate in English as they serve English speaking markets.