Can someone learn French within a year in Montreal

Can someone learn French within a year in Montreal

Yes.That would be possible, but it won’t happen on its own just because you live in Montreal.You’re going to have to work really hard at it.

Learning other languages after we’ve passed puberty is really, really challenging for most people.It takes determination, discipline, and daily, focused effort.Living in Montreal would be helpful in that you’d have plenty of people to practice speaking French with.

However.You could easily not speak French in Montreal.Way too many people there speak English for it to be a true immersion experience unless you make it one.

Other areas of Quebec would be a bit more of a bracing cold-water plunge in language-learning terms.You won’t find many English speakers in Trois Rivières, just for example.Even Quebec City is pretty monolingual except in the tourist areas.

There’s a lot you can do before you get to Montreal, though, if you’re moving there.You could easily learn enough French before you moved there to make the experience incredibly valuable.Books and films could help you achieve a good vocabulary and aural comprehension before you ever set foot in La Belle Province.

My answer below might be helpful to you.

It is possible to speak French an entire year in Montréal, but it is also too easy to be able to avoid it either.If you have the option to chose, you might want to live somewhere close enough to Montréal but a tad away from it, like Longueuil, Terrebonne, Sainte-Thérèse, Boucherville, Châteauguay.If you still want to be in Montréal, chose your neighbourhood wisely.

You will obviously have more opportunities to not speak French if you are in Côte Saint-Luc than if you are in Rosemont.The linguistic border is traditionally considered to be the Saint-Laurent boulevard (incidentally it is also the zero for the adresses).I have a friend that was more radical: he went as far as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in the Monteregia region, which is a little further away from Montréal, in order to be better immersed in French.

In general, yes it is doable.I learned French and became conversational in 3 weeks.In a few more weeks, I was already able to write essays.

Most people developed basic conversation skills within a year, some even in 6months.Some people I know have been studying French for a year or more and yet they could hardly form a sentence.They are far from dumb, in fact they are smart, but their mother tongue is just too distant from French.

Language skills can also come easier for some than others; I was lucky to have it.

I was in French immersion in Grade 7 in Montreal.I already had a strong foundation in French grammar from my early education in England.During that year, I learned a great deal of French, but I did not become bilingual.

From my experience, if you live in Montreal and study French intensively for a year, you will gain proficiency in French.If you are naturally good at languages, you might become bilingual.

Montreal is a bilingual city, there is a lot of English speaking people wherever you go so you are better off going to a city in Quebec where there is hardly any English, then and only then, if you eat, drink, skeep in french and put the hours you need to learn, you will most likely be successful.

Within a year, absolutely.Buy a TV, attach antenna to it and leave it on some local channel all the day long.Next step: find French speaking girl/boyfriend and you will be good to support daily talk in three month.

Within a year you may learn to survive in French i.e B1 or B1+ level.

Some students may attain a B2 level