Can tenants make improvements to apartments in Montreal Quebec

Can tenants make improvements to apartments in Montreal Quebec

Yes, but only if you come to a mutual agreement with your landlord.In general when you rent an apartment you are renting the apartment “as is”, you can ask your landlord to paint, do specific repairs if needed and when needed, but you cannot just rent an apartment and install carpet or take down a wall without prior written permission from your landlord.If you want to make improvement to the apartment you rent, make sure you have a written agreement with your landlord which will state that you do not have to tear your improvements down or repaint the apartment in its original color – which is usually white.

Unless you are planning on buying this place later on or stay there for several years I would definitely advice against, most landlords aren’t going to allow a tenant to make improvements or major changes to the unit they rent.If you are a renovation expert, you may want to offer your professional services to your landlord and enter into the same mutual agreement that every changes you make will be paid by the landlord – You are renting, you do not own the building or the unit, if you make changes and pay from your own pocket, do realize that the landlord is entitled to ask that you remove any improvements you made and thus at your own charge.

Yes but structural changes will either require the landlord’s permission or you will have to put the apartment back in its original condition.

I had my apartment modified for my wheelchair use but I had permission and only a couple of the adaptations need be changed after I move out.

Only if the landlord agrees, in writing, or in the lease.A tenant is only renting a space that the owners owns, and has no right to make changes on their own.

Yes but besides painting why would you?Leases in montreal are typically 1 year.