Can you bring a corkscrew or wine opener on a plane?

The luggage is screened for dangerous items.Sometimes corkscrews are surrendered at the security checkpoint because the officer sees them as a threat.

You can pack a corkscrew with a blade in checked luggage, but not in carry on bags.

The screw part of a wine bottle opener is not what the TSA is concerned about.Sometimes a small knife is attached to cut the foil on a wine bottle.

The corkscrew and bottle opener claims to be safe.The foil cutting wheel should not cause any problems at the airport security checkpoint.

It is up to the individual TSA officer to decide what is allowed and what isn't through the checkpoint.

It might not be acceptable for other airport security teams in foreign countries to use a tool like this.

You need to go through the same screening process as overseas for international flights.There may be different rules for corkscrews.

If you have any further questions, you can ask the TSA directly.They will let you know if your wine opener is compliant by uploading a photo.

If they don't have a sharp blade or foil cutter wine bottle opener in their carry-on luggage, they can.

A rounded butter knife is the only type of knife that can be brought on a plane.It is not allowed if it is a serrated edge.

The wine opener that Nessa's mom lost had sentimental value.It is a good reminder that it is better to travel with things you do not mind losing.Take a generic wine opener and leave the special one at home.It won't be so annoying if you lose it that way.

Make sure the screening staff can't accidentally cut their hands if it has a blade.Any sharp objects should be wrapped.