Can you daily Evo X?

Can an Evo be a daily?

Registered. I've used my Evo VI as a 'daily driver' since I bought it 7 years and 64,000 miles ago. Aside from the relatively high running costs, the only downsides I could come up with are: Somewhat uncomfortable ride over potholed city streets and speed bumps.29 abr 2006

Is the EVO a good daily driver?

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution isn't a great daily driver, but it's still fun. ... Additionally, the Evo is well-suited for winter driving since it's all-wheel-drive and if you put snow tires on it, it'll get you almost anywhere in the snow, some owners say.28 ago 2021

Are Evo X reliable?

Reliability concerns amongst US-market Mitsubishi Lancer Evos are remarkably few and far between. In fact, OSV reports the Lancer is one of Mitsubishi's most-reliable recent products. The 4G63 engine, EnginesWork reports, is a very robust motor.11 jun 2021

Can you daily an Evo X?

The Evo X is a rally bred car that was designed to handle a lot more than a regular daily driven car... with that being said if you mod the car you are pushing it beyond what it was designed for, so you reliability will most likely take a hit.17 ago 2013

Is the Evo X any good?

The four-door body and decent-sized boot mean the Evo X is far more practical than other cars with similarly high performance, but the extremely stiff suspension means the Evo X can be quite tiring to drive when you're not using its full potential.

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