Can you lighten your eye color?

Can you lighten your eye color?

Laser lightening of eye color With the help of a laser, melanin cells are destroyed making irises become lighter. This means that people with brown eyes can become blue-eyed or gray-eyed. The procedure lasts for only 20 seconds, and the final result becomes visible in 2-4 weeks.

How can I make my eyes lighter and brighter?

Avoid wearing dark eyeliner colors—like black or brown—on your waterline. Instead, cover up the pink or red skin on your lower lash line with a lavender, green, gold, or bronze eyeliner. This will lighten and brighten your eye area without making your eyes look smaller the way that a dark eyeliner would.Aug 7, 2018

How can I make my eyes appear lighter?

- Use a light eye shadow. Shutterstock. ... - Downplay your lips. Shutterstock. ... - Try a cold shower. Shutterstock. ... - Find a bright concealer. Shutterstock. ... - Curl those lashes. Shutterstock. ... - Try out false lashes. Shutterstock. ... - Line those lids in white. Shutterstock. ... - Don't forget your brows. Shutterstock.

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