Can you price match’s prices at a local store? Do Walmart stores have to honor online prices?

I found an Ibotta offer on their app and wanted to get it at Walmart for a great price.I checked the price on tide and found it to be cheaper than the one on the shelf.This was the price difference.

Since we are a family of seven on a small budget, I always look for great deals.When I saw the price difference, I wanted to know if I could match it.

I was told that we don’t price match’s prices.We do not price match other Walmart store prices.

I told her how grateful I was for her response.She explained that she has been working for Walmart for over a decade, and just does what she is told.

I contacted Walmart corporate to further investigate the matter after expressing my gratitude for her answer.

Thank you for contacting and Walmart Stores are separate entities.We have differences in our price match policy since we are two separate entities.You can review the price match policy provided by me.

The item must be in stock at the online retailer when the price match request is made.

We can verify the price of the identical item at the online retailer’s website.

Walmart will limit quantities to typical retail purchase quantities or one per customer or household if applicable.

If the item’s price can’t be determined independently of other items, fees, or charges, you’ll get a percent off or dollar off.

We will not offer rain-checks for items that are not currently in stock. will not match prices of other online competitors.

Between Thanksgiving and Cyber-Monday, will not price match items.

There are only a few online retailers that are limited.

If you contact us before placing an order, we can tell you if your item qualifies for a price match.

It is up to the store manager whether or not they will match’s prices at their store.If they say no, then you are no worse off than before, because they might say yes.Your local Walmart might match the price of the website.