Can you sleep on top of an electric blanket?

Have you noticed when you get ready to go to bed that your home is cooler?Maybe you don’t want to leave your warm and cushiony surroundings when you wake up.

Maybe you decided to purchase an electric blanket to chase away those cold nights and cool mornings.Should you purchase the electric blanket style that goes over the bed coverings or should you buy the style which goes directly under the sheet?Let’s take a look at the different styles of electric blanket and see which is the best one for you.

An electric blanket is made from heat- resistant material that houses an internal and complex wiring system that provides warmth through coil wires for a set period of time.The blend of materials used in the majority of electric blankets can help prevent fire hazard and burns while being interwoven tightly enough to trap and maintain warmth for extended periods of time.Electric blankets should be able to plug into an ordinary household electrical outlet, drawing minuscule amounts of electricity to power the blanket and heat the coils.

Most brands have blankets with at least three heat levels.Depending on the brand selected for purchase, electric blankets that are made for a double or king-sized bed might come with different heat levels on each side.An electric blanket should offer the user control over what time period the blanket is active for, the level of heat it doesn’t emit, and automatic shutoff valves if the internal or external components reach a dangerous level.The controls should be on a remote that is attached to the blanket.

The power cords on your electric blanket should be positioned at the foot of the bed to prevent them from being moved or disconnected.It is possible to detach the cords when cleaning or washing the blanket.If you choose to wash or clean your electric blanket at home, please take care to follow the instructions, even if you hand-wash or use the aid of a washing machine.

If applicable, an over electric blanket is a heated blanket that goes on top of your sheets and comforter.It rests over the existing bedding on your bed that will provide warmth and heat down through each layer, warming the sheets and blankets directly on top of your skin.

The most common style of electric blanket is the one that comes to mind when shopping for a new blanket.When connected to a power source, the technology within an over electric blanket provides long- lasting heat and warmth for your entire bed.

A control panel and power cords should be included in the style of electric blanket.Higher-end models will allow you to set a specific time period for the blanket to be providing steady heat, which will decrease the chances of burns or fire hazard.Corner straps will be included in certain styles to help secure the blanket on the bed and avoid stretching the power cord.

An under electric blanket is slim enough to fit under your fitted sheet on your bed and goes directly on top of the mattress, like a heated mattress pad.They sometimes have a stretchy seam sewed the same as your fitted sheet for a secure fit that doesn’t move during sleep.This style of electric blanket is not as thick as an actual heated mattress pad, which is a completely separate product.

The over electric blanket has an internal wiring system that provides a steady source of heat throughout the night or a set interval of time.This heat is provided when the under blanket is connected to a power source.

Each style of under electric blanket should come with a remote control that allows the user to control the heat level through the blanket.

It is important to remember not to fold an electric blanket but to roll it into a cylinder shape when storing it.The internal wiring system of an electric blanket can be damaged if it is folded the same way as a comforter or sheet set.

It’s a good idea to replace your electric blanket every 10 years or so, as the blanket can lose heat and wiring can become corrosive, which can cause fire or burn hazard for the user.

Now that you know what an electric blanket is and how it can be useful for you, it’s time to decide which style would have the greatest benefits.Either style, over or under, isn’t necessarily better than the other.