Compare Bissell Little Green vs Pet vs Pro.

They are portable carpet cleaner machines that can be used to clean carpeted stairs, area rugs, upholstery, and auto interiors.If you want a deep cleaning carpet extractor for large wall to wall carpet, you may want to consider the Bissell BG10 carpet washer.They are not the same as from the Little Green series, but they have similarities and differences.

The Tough Stian tool cleans up messes on carpeted stairs, upholstery, car seats, and other hard to reach surfaces.

Unlike the other tools, this self contained tool has its own container, you use it to spray, scrub and suction up messes, and those messes will be collected and stored inside the tool.

The tool sprays, scrubs and cleans dirt and stains from the outer curves, corners and treads of carpeted staircases.

The tool is designed to clean out your hose after each use.

The deep stain tool delivers formula deep into the carpet fibers and its rubber needles and brush bristles help lift and remove those tough messes from the bottom up.

Similar to the 3-inch tough stain tool, but has a wider cleaning path, scrubs and cleans up tough stains on carpeted surfaces, upholstery, car seats, etc.

Similar to the Deep Stain tool, the pet stain tool delivers a formula deep into the carpet fibers to lift and remove pet stains.The Crevice tool can be sprayed to tackle stains in tight spaces.

You can download user guides to read more about the portable carpet cleaner machines.To save time, I have listed the links to the PDF manual download pages.

Little Green, Pet, and ProHeat can be found on the app.

Please help others make an informed decision if you know other differences between them.

What is the difference between pro heat and heatwave technology?Yes or no, both produce heat.How does the heatwave maintain heat?

The ProHeat now has the HeatWave technology to replace the built-in heater, which used to be on the old models.The heat generated by the motor is used to maintain the water temperature.