Deposit money with USAA.

Online checking accounts come with a lot of advantages.They have lower fees, your bank is open all the time, and you can do everything with your phone.You cannot deposit a check with cash because you can’t take a picture.If you have a USAA account, you need to use a deposit-taking ATM.Look for other options if there isn’t a one near you.

Step 1: You can use the USAA locator website.

You can use an ATM to manage your USAA accounts.Under the “Help” menu, click on “ATMs and locations”.The map shows all USAA locations.On the map, you can zoom in and out.Clicking on a dot on the map will show you specific information about the location.

Step 2: You can find the nearest ATM.

Limit your search results to ATMs where you can deposit cash.You can either put in a zip code or a city on the map.There aren’t many USAA ATMs where you can deposit cash.You should check this map before opening a checking account with USAA.

Step 3: You must deposit your cash.

If you live in an area with a cash deposit-taking ATM nearby, you can deposit cash with USAA.These ATMs don’t require deposit slips or envelopes, and can take up to 30 bills at a time.Make sure the machine counted your cash correctly and keep your receipt.

Step 4: You need to follow up on your deposit.

There may be a hold on your funds depending on where you made your deposit.When your funds will be available should be on your receipt.To make sure your deposit is reflected in your account, check your USAA account within 24 hours.

Step 5: There is a money order.

Money orders can be purchased at post offices, Western Union, and some discount stores.If you have a larger amount of cash, you may need to get more than one money order.To get your money order issued, you’ll have to pay a fee, but it’s usually no more than a couple of dollars.45 cents is what the US Postal Service charges for military money orders.A money order is treated the same as a check.List yourself as the recipient since you deposited the money order into your own account.You’ll sign as the purchaser of the money order after filling out your information.

Step 6: The USAA mobile app is free to download.

If you don’t have the USAA app on your phone, you can download it for free.If you want to access your USAA account, you have to provide the details.This should take a few minutes.The same credentials that you use on the USAA website can be used to sign in to your account.You may need to send a code via text or email to verify your identity, depending on the security you have set up.

Step 7: The money order should be endorsed by the back.

If the money order is payable to you, flip it over and sign in the endorsement area on the back.The words “for mobile deposit only at USAA FSB” should be added.Adding your account number in the endorsement area is a good idea.

Step 8: “Transfer/Deposit” can be found on the mobile app.

Go to the mobile app and tap on the “Transfer/Deposit” menu tab.Follow the instructions if you indicate that you want to deposit a check or money order.You need to grant the app access to your phone’s camera to complete your transaction if you have never made a mobile deposit before.

Step 9: Scan the money order with your phone’s camera.

There is a guide on your phone.The money order should be laid down on a flat surface so that the corners of the order are in line with the guidelines.Then take a picture.The money order should be repeated with the other side.The quality will be reviewed after you take each photo.You might want to take it again if it is blurry or crooked.If you have more than one account, you can enter the amount of money you want to deposit into it.

Step 10: You can locate a USAA preferred ATM.

You don’t have to pay ATM fees if you withdraw funds, check account balances, or move funds between accounts.There are ATMs with “Allpoint,” “MoneyPass,” or “PNC Bank” logos.These are USAA preferred ATMs.If you find a Preferred ATM attached to a bank branch, you may want to open an account at that bank.You can use that account to deposit cash and manage your USAA account from the same location.

Step 11: You can get a card with a pre-paid amount.

You may be able to reload your card with cash at any time.You can transfer money from the card to the account online by linking it to your USAA account.If you want to reload the card at a convenient location, look for the one with the lowest fees.

Step 12: There is another account for cash deposits.

If you already have a checking account at a brick-and-mortar bank, you can deposit your cash into that account and then transfer the money to your USAA account.This is not the most efficient way to deposit cash with USAA.The other bank may charge a fee to initiate the transfer if USAA doesn’t charge any fees for incoming transfers.It’s a good idea to know how much the transfer is going to cost before you open an account.Hold times are something to keep in mind.If you use this method, your USAA account may not have funds available for several days.

Step 13: Write a check.

If you have a friend or family member who has a checking account with a brick-and-mortar bank, they may be able to work out an arrangement with you.They will write you a check for the total if you deposit the cash in their bank account.You can deposit the check using the USAA mobile banking app.