Did the CANZUK proposal fail as it was badly marketed communikittened Should it have sold as how Ottawa Wellington Canberra would also have benefited apart from just London Could the UK have had both EU CANZUK had it

Did the CANZUK proposal fail as it was badly marketed communicated Should it have sold as how Ottawa Wellington Canberra would also have benefited apart from just London Could the UK have had both EU CANZUK had it

Ah, the “White Commonwealth Agreement” rears its head again.CANZUK is a racist British Empire enthusiast’s fever dream.All the whitest countries of the Commonwealth opening up to each other.

I’m sure the Indians might have something to say about that.Last time I checked, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were doing just fine on their own.Despite apparently coming about from a proposal from the Canadian Tory Party, this seems to have been embraced by British Brexiteers in a desperate attempt to plug the hole that Brexit has reamed through the UK’s international relations.

But if it did come to pass, it wouldn’t work out the way they thought it would.The net result would be thousands of Brits buggering off to Australia and NZ, and giving the BBC enough material to do Wanted Down Under on a daily basis, year-round.Some will also go to Canada, no doubt to become lumberjacks (ones who wear women’s clothing and hang around in bars, since that’s about the extent of what most Brits know about Canada).

Not many will choose to go the other way, to a severely diminished Brexit Britain.Britain has always been at its best as part of something bigger than itself.But now the Empire is no more, and the UK has told all those filthy garlic and sausage-munching continentals in the EU where to go, what do they do next?

The Empire ain’t coming back.I say the Scandinavians should dig out their horned helmets and invade again and place the UK under Viking occupation.

I don’t think you can say it failed.The CANZUK concept is about free trade, foreign policy cooperation and free movement (Australia New Zealand model) between Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.Canada, Australia and New Zealand already have free trade through the CPTPP agreement and the UK is seeking to join.

The UK is negotiating with NZ and Australia for free trade agreements right now.All of the CANZUK countries cooperate through the5 eyes agreement.The free movement will be a problem for Canada.

Australia wants free movement with the UK in their free trade agreement.Free movement has problems because Canada has security arrangements with the US.Also, during the covid crisis we have seen people needing financial help.

Would free movement require Canada to provide benefits to citizens from other countries who are resident in Canada?I think Canadians would have some issues with situations like that.I believe New Zealanders were shocked a while back when Australian universities started charging them more for their education.

But a generous visa system could work.It just needs discussion.As PM Johnson appears to have pulled the plug on EU trade negotiations , CANZUK could be given greater promotion across the countries.

Did the CANZUK proposal fail as it was badly marketed & communicated?Should it have sold as how Ottawa, Wellington & Canberra would also have benefited apart from just London?Could the UK have had both EU & CANZUK, had it been done the right way?

CANZUK never had a serious chance of happening – at least, not in the immediate future.The idea, in its modern form, seems to have come about in 2015 in Canada.An organisation was formed in order to promote the idea, but without Brexit I doubt anyone would have heard about it at all.

There are hundreds of these political groups around the world, if not thousands.Each of them has their own assortment of ideas to promote, and most of them never really go anywhere.CANZUK was basically a recycling of an old idea that has been discussed on and off since just after WW2.

There are some decent arguments in favour of it, but in the end the majority of governments involved have just never been particularly interested in it.The idea seems to have been spread about in the UK as some kind of post-Brexit replacement for the EU, with the idea that this union would happen almost immediately, but there have never been any serious summits, treaties, etc.on the subject.

It might happen one day, as there are benefits that might be of interest, but the EU was 40 years in the making so I wouldn’t expect CANZUK to happen over night.10–20 years down the track, though?

I don’t know who the ‘supporters’ in Canada/Aussie & NZ are; but given the almost exclusive involvement of neoliberal agencies; some with quite forthright anti-Muslim agendas, I cannot imagine that the current management in either Wellington or Ottawa would be enamoured by their attentions.The UK couldn’t be in both the EU and Canzuk; but then it isn’t in the EU anymore so that wouldn’t be a problem.However I see no way of convincing the others their interests lie in a grouping; especially since the UK has decided it can unilaterally rewrite signed treaties & FTAs.

And that’s before you look at the food-miles involved and the fact that all 3 ex-dominions now have different centers of economic & financial gravity since trade ceased to have to pass through the UK (which was aeons ago).

CANZUK was destined for failure in a marketing sense the moment it was embraced by Brexit supporters and figures such as Boris Johnson.The idea of resurrecting the British Empire out of a warped sense of nostalgia was also doomed, when marketed to nations which have generally accepted multiculturalism as a manifestation of the modern world.Then again, Australia, Canada and New Zealand are immigrant nations which don’t have the arduous burden of an imperialist legacy hanging around their necks as the UK does.

It’s difficult, if not impossible, envisioning how CANZUK could have been marketed to Canberra, Ottawa and Wellington successfully—that London could have sold it as beneficial to all.The sentiment of CANZUK collides with the reality that Australia, Canada and New Zealand have moved on from the Blitz spirit of 1940, yet Brexit supporters can’t acknowledge this fact.As for relations with the EU, let’s say that Brexit represents a textbook example of the existentialist idea, to freedom condemned.

Not only did Britain make its own bed regarding relations with the EU, but soiled it as well.

The EU is only 30 minutes train ride from Britain to the continent through the Channel Tunnel whereas Canada, Australia and New Zealand are thousands of miles away.It makes much more sense for Britain to be a member of the EU than it does for it to be a member of ‘CANZUK’.However, having said that, Britain’s relationship with the EU has never been an easy one and British lorry drivers, politicians, officials, are always complaining ‘those continentals are being difficult’!

Well, how would it have benefitted Ottawa, Wellington & Canberra?I’m sure that legions of men and women in grey suits in bureaucratic offices in all of those cities are quite capable of churning out position papers by the dozen on the cost-benefit analysis of these types of alliance, and getting the executive summary page under the noses of their politician masters.And yet, somehow, when the subject is raised by the UK, the response is always a polite ‘no thanks’.

How very odd.

I think that the Canzuk concept suffers from the same issues as Brexit… The benefits of Canzuk are precisely the opposite to what Brexit tried to achieve… We do not want unskilled workers here, so for the UK, we would expect the best of Canzuk to come to London, which is the center of the Universe… but for those from the UK with less opportunity, Canzuk would be an opportunity to go to another country and abuse the system… So, why would the other countries agree to Canzuk?

Perhaps a great marketing campaign is needed, though I doubt this would sway the governments of Canada, New Zealand and Australia, who are already miles ahead of us in this process…

Been there done that.Didn’t work.There seems some support now but it’s still years of negotiations that’s not even on any schedule.

The commonwealth countries have already diverged a lot and they seem to be more keen on regional trade agreements.Canada already have an agreement with the EU.

The UK is delusional if they think that the Commonwealth counties would be interested in a CANZUK deal.

Unlike the intellectually stunted Brits they can remember what happened to them when the UK joined the EU.

Andre you live on planet Mars.There never was any “proposal”.All this “CANZUK” nonsense ever was was just some internet meme.

It was never going to go anywhere because it’s flat out inherently absurd.