Do backgammon apps cheat?

Do backgammon apps cheat?

However, most backgammon apps and programs most certainly do not cheat. There's no reason for the programmer to add that into the programming code. Today's neural net backgammon programs (specifically, GNU Backgammon and eXtreme Gammon and in the past, Jellyfish and Snowie) are very, very strong.

Is backgammon online rigged?

The dice online are rigged. When you are playing online, the dice are random, and no program has ever been invented that can look at your position and decide, consciously, what roll would hurt you most. ... The worse you play, the more bad rolls you are likely to get and the fewer good rolls.

Does Gnubg cheat?

gnubg does not cheat with the dice. You can verify this by simply setting it to "manual dice", and playing a few matches by rolling a real pair of dice and entering the rolls yourself. You'll still get clobbered.2 jun 2009

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