Do Canadians mind that the USA took the name of their continent as the name for the USA

Do Canadians mind that the USA took the name of their continent as the name for the USA

There is no continent called America, only N. and S. America and linguistically there is no other named to use except America based on the original title now name United States of America.In order to understand you have to look back at the origins of the country.United States as in States united under, each state was it’s own country to a certain degree and most of the states citizen had more of a bond and identity with each individual state.

If you look at the civil war for example, most soldiers did not sign up with the Confederacy until their states seceded from the Union.If you asked a man who was in Europe where he was from he more than likely would tell you his state rather than the country.It wasn’t until after the civil war that a national identity was formed and we used the only other names linguistically possible “Americans”.

In Spanish the world “estadounidense” means a person from the United States, the closest word we have would be stater or station neither of which means state.

The thing to remember about the demonym “American” is that it was an English term for British North Americans before the United States became independent of Great Britain.English-speaking Canadians mostly arrived as a result of U.S. independence, when British North Americans who wanted to remain subjects of the monarch moved to Canada and settled west of French-speaking Quebec.

I think its subjective, if you are going to become a target of any radical group instigated by the hatred inspired by the US on its many worldwide interventions in the name of “democracy” then I would certainly take it to heart that the U.S. has taken the name of the whole continent as its own.If the problem is other than, I think it becomes uncomfortable but since its not life threatening, its a bearable situation.

Well since the continent of North America was named in 1492 after Amerigo Vaspucci and well before the countries of Canada or the United States of America were even formed, so Canada shouldn’t mind and that is why we are the United States of America after the name of the continent.