Do I need the BlueJeans app to join a meeting?

Do I need the BlueJeans app to join a meeting?

For the best meeting experience, we recommend joining the meeting with the Desktop App. The App will automatically install when joining a BlueJeans meeting for the first time.18 Mar 2021

How do I join a meeting on BlueJeans?

- Click to start Personal meeting. - Click for two more join options: screen share the only mode or, using your phone for audio. - Hover over an upcoming meeting to view meeting details. Click the join button to enter. - Manually enter a Meeting ID and passcode (optional) and click Join to enter the meeting.

Does BlueJeans have a time limit?

Meeting Duration: There is no duration limit for meetings (a meeting can continue as long as needed). If you schedule a meeting to take place from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, it will not end automatically at 3:00 pm - it will continue until the moderator ends the meeting.7 Jan 2022

Do I need a BlueJeans account to join a meeting?

Guests can join meetings using the BlueJeans Mobile Apps without needing to sign in or create an account.4 Jan 2021

Can you use BlueJeans without app?

BlueJeans supports joining meetings directly from multiple Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Opera). No download is required, just easy, instant meetings directly from any of the supported Browsers.16 Nov 2021