Do you think it is mandatory to tip a waitress waiter in Canada specifically in Montreal Quebec see comment for details

Do you think it is mandatory to tip a waitress waiter in Canada specifically in Montreal Quebec see comment for details

Tipping in Canada is absolutely not mandatory and anybody who states otherwise is categorically wrong, although some higher end restaurants do have a policy of automatically including it in their bills, usually at 15%.I assume that you could probably dispute such a charge, but I’ve never heard of anybody doing this.However, NOT tipping is highly frowned upon as servers are not paid much, with a lower legal minimum wage than regular workers, and they count on tips to supplement their low salaries, so if you go cheap, they’ll very possibly remember you if/when you go back, with potential negative consequences ranging from bad service to some possible ‘natural’ additives being added to your food.

If the service is acceptable to you!Don’t be a cheapo .If you want to eat cheapo – then go to the Fast Food Restaurant.

Why do you need to tip: majority of the restaurant staff salary comes from tipsTheir jobs are not permanent/no benefitsThey stand on their feet and run on their feet approximately 12 hours a day and they cover the distance of approximately 50 kms a dayThey are tired – yet they smile at you/ your girlfriend/family – not showing how much their feet and body is hurting.They have to make sure the all the people who ordered the food get it within reasonable time, correct food order – make note of vegans/vegetarians/food allergy/etc/etcThey also have make sure that you don’t die of thirst – they come and refill your drinksAnd tipping generously is good for your soul – it will make you feel good in front of your own eyes and your own girlfriend eyes – who knows you get to spend the evening at her place – seeing your generosity!It brings a feeling of abundance rather than scarcity mentality – if you give more you get more from the Universe!If the service is extremely bad – then DON’T tip – tell the waiter WHY you are not tipping so they know – that you are not a cheapo and that they should improve their service – or they will tell you why the service was bad.It’s no point to complain to the managers – unless you want the waiter changed.Or simply take your business somewhere!

Just don’t get hysterical and emotional.

Unless you had horrible, horrible service, then yes tipping is mandatory.It happened to me once in the past; realizing I did not have enough money for tip, I discreetly explained to the waiter my situation and promised to go back and pay the tip.The waiter was a bit skeptical I would go back, but he (he or she – can’t remember now) accepted nonetheless, as he didn’t have any other choice, to be honest.

And I did go back; the day after I stopped at the restaurant and gave a generous tip.

It’s certainly not mandatory, but is expected.It would be unusual not to tip.

Yes you should leave ar least 15% of the bill in a restaurant.10% if you are not happy with the service.The waiters are taxed on this 10% so if you leave no tips, your waiter will have to pay for having waited you.

It is not mandatory, but nice.

They have the tip included in their income, so they don’t get their money if no tip.