Does CCAC afford better a edukittenion and greater opportunities than ECU A+D

Does CCAC afford better a education and greater opportunities than ECU A+D

I attended ECUAD for my undergrad in Industrial Design (Graduated 2011), and from what I’ve seen from attending a junior show at CCA and from my peers that have attended CCA, the education is fairly similar.I’m now doing my master’s in Sweden with people from all over the world and have discovered that most design school education is very similar in approach.There is however one very big difference between ECUAD and CCA and that is location, staff and connection to the industry.

At least when I attended ECUAD there was very little connection to the industry.At CCA most of the lecturers have a day job at Facebook, frog, IDEO, etc.CCA would open up a lot of doors if you are wanting to work in the Bay Area, and it would probably make it easier getting a job there.

But it is not necessary to go to school in the Bay Area to get a job there.Consider what your end goal is?Where do you want to live and work once you’re done?

You’ll find great staff, facilities and cities at either school.