Does Google Translate do Klingon?

Does Google Translate do Klingon?

Google is a well-known internet search engine that is availiable in Klingon (1). What not everyone realizes is that it takes Klingon-speaking volunteers to translate and type the Klingon.

Can Klingon speak?

The Klingon language ( tlhIngan Hol , ˈt͡ɬɪ. ŋɑn xol) is a language that was made for the Klingons in the Star Trek universe. It is a constructed language, not one that developed naturally. Only a few people can speak the Klingon language well enough to talk in it.

How do you say hello my name is in Klingon?

How do you say cute in Klingon?

- bela. - bèl. - lindo.

How do you say greeting in Klingon?

We don't do greetings in Klingon. If you feel the urge to say hello to someone, say nuqneH.

What does Qapla in Klingon mean?


How do u say good morning in Klingon?

- nuqneH = Hello (Literal: What do you want) - bIpIv'a' = Hi (Literal: How do you feel) - yI'el = Welcome (Literal: Come in) - ghaH 'ej Duvan = Greetings (Literal: He and) - maj po = Good morning. - maj pov = Good afternoon. - maj choS = Good evening. - maj ram = Good night (Not a greeting, but fits in with other phrases here)

Does Google translate to Klingon?

Google Translate is a product of the Google corporation and provides translations for many languages. Although it is known that Google has a Klingon language support, its translator app does NOT provide Klingon translations. The only known app who does that is Microsoft's Bing translator.

What language is Klingon based off of?

Within the fictional universe of Star Trek, Klingon is derived from the original language spoken by the messianic figure Kahless the Unforgettable, who united the Klingon home-world of QoʼnoS under one empire more than 1500 years ago.

How do I say hello in Klingon?

If you feel the urge to say hello to someone, say nuqneH.

Is Klingon a real language now?

Although Klingons themselves have never existed, the Klingon language is real. It has developed from gibberish to a usable means of communication, complete with its own vocabulary, grammar, figures of speech, and even slang and regional dialects. Today it is spoken by humans all over the world, in many contexts.

How many words are in a Klingon dictionary?

When counting all these entries, the number rises up to roughly 3,800 or even more. Personal, undefined additions based on usage, may increase this number. This wiki's dictionary part has about 4,202 single entries (i.e. "words") with over 4,683 different definitions (December 2021).

Is there an actual Klingon language?

Klingon -------------- Purpose Writing system

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