Does it snow a lot in British Columbia Kelowna

Does it snow a lot in British Columbia Kelowna

hmmmm, compared to where?Compared to the rest of British Columbia?Canada?

I guess the short answer without asking alot of questions is, It snows enough in the mountains for the skiers, and thankfully for those drivers (and u know who u are) that Do Not know how to drive in the snow, Kelowna gets relatively a small amount of snow in the city/rural areas.Now keeping that in mind, I still think that living so close to Canada’s only desert … we get To Much lol, Love My Beautiful British Columbia though and wouldn’t change a thing about it.

it does snow, but not as much as you would think considering the location.Winters are fairly mild but we do experience some colder type weather, again not to the extreme you would imagine, or as bad as the rest of the country.

Not as much as the prairies or the Peace River area of B.C., but it gets enough snow to support a pretty good ski hill, Big White.

They certainly get much more snow than Vancouver and it’s outlying areas.

Normally Kelowna gets fairly mild winters (for Canada).The last 2 winters however have been never ending.Some of the higher parts of town even got snow last night.

Yes, it does now.Winter can be 3- 4 months long.

Yes some winters we get lots of snow.

It just depends on the year.