Does XPO Logistics pay weekly?

Does XPO Logistics pay weekly?

XPO pays bi-weekly.12 Jul 2017

What does XPO Logistics pay their drivers?

Average XPO Logistics Delivery Driver hourly pay in the United States is approximately $33.34, which is 104% above the national average.

Is XPO Logistics a good place to work?

Great place to work with great pay and benefits Xpo is a wonderful company to work for, I have been employed with them for one year. You can make 100k+ a year working here without having a college education.

What is the top pay for XPO Logistics?

- New York, NY. $23.62 per hour. - Denver, CO. $22.08 per hour. - Chicago, IL. $22.35 per hour.

How much does XPO Logistics pay?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at XPO Logistics is $126,975, or $61 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $121,706, or $58 per hour.

How much does a XPO driver make?

Average XPO Logistics Truck Driver yearly pay in the United States is approximately $132,313, which is 83% above the national average.

Does XPO give bonuses?

Based on current employees, 70% said they receive an annual bonus at XPO Logistics. Additionally, employees who have some college or have Over 10 Years work experience answered “Yes” the most. 50% of employees in New York answered “Yes” to annual bonuses at XPO Logistics.

Does XPO Logistics pay overtime?

5 answers. Yes overtime is anything over 40hrs. Yes, anything over 40 hours is considered overtime. Manager approval required.14 Jul 2017

How much does XPO pay per mile?

Depending on the part of the country the job is based in, the starting pay can be 60 cents per mile. The company also said that for independent contractors, contract rates will be increased by 3 cents to 5 cents per mile, depending on the line of business.7 Apr 2021

Does XPO train drivers?

Put your career on the fast track with one of XPO's driving programs, where you can go from the classroom to behind the wheel with the training and experience you need to succeed. Led by veteran XPO drivers, our programs combine classroom instruction and hands-on experience with professional equipment.

What products does XPO Logistics deliver?

XPO is the largest provider of last mile logistics for heavy goods in North America — arranging the home delivery of heavy goods that typically require assembly or installation, such as washing machines, refrigerators, exercise equipment and home entertainment systems.

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