Don’t Cook with Cast Iron on your Glass Stove Top!

It doesn’t make sense that cast iron cookware and glass top stoves should be near each other in the kitchen.The truth is that modern cast iron cookware is great for cooking on a sleek and shiny glass top stove.).

We know.It’s foolish to say the words glass top stove and cast iron in the same sentence.The traditional view on these two popular cooking appliances is that they should not be combined.

It seems straightforward.A cast iron skillet can be very heavy, but a glass cooktop looks delicate.Iron is seen as a cooking implement from the past, rather than a modern appliance.Glass cooking stoves look just as modern a kitchen appliance as you could have installed, and they are at the other end of the spectrum.

Chefs and experts want you to know that they use iron cookware on their glass cooktops.We have used our skillets and Dutch ovens on the stove top a few times, and they have been great!

By the end of this article, we’re confident that you’ll be able to use your cast iron pans on your electric stove.

The old electric burner or gas stove has been replaced by a sleek glass cooktop.There is no reason for you to leave your love of cast iron cooking.You don’t have to choose between the two.Our cast iron Uno Casa skillet set works perfectly on the stove and with a little extra care, our glass top still looks like it did the day we got it!

It’s easy to use iron cookware on a traditional electric stove or a gas stovetop because the burners are raised off the surface.It’s completely different with a glass top.The iron needs to rest on the glass surface, and that’s where things start to look dangerous.

You won’t have any problems if you use your heavy iron cooking implements with care and consideration.Here are our favorite tips and tricks to help you get used to the iron-glass cooking combination.

If you want the best cooking experience, you’ll want to update your cast iron skillet set.Replacing an old electric or gas stovetop with a new glass top stove will cost you a lot, but it will pay for itself in the long run.

Modern cast iron cooking tools have a sharper finish than older cast Iron cookware.If your iron cookware has been damaged or has rough bumps on the bottom, you might want to considerUpgrading before you start cooking on new glass.

As sleek as the glass is, newer iron cookware is just as sleek.If you want to cut down on the chance of your glass stove being scratched, invest in a new cast iron dutch oven.If you don’t like the coating, you can try a cast iron Dutch oven.The outer finish of cast iron cookware is smooth and ready to use on a glass stove top if it is preseasoned.

If you’re using older iron skillets or pans, it’s important that you upgrade because they will have more of an even surface.It will be easier to maneuver your favorite cast iron cookware if you have the right tools.Silicone handles on the Uno Casa set make it easy to pick up hot pans.

Place cast iron cooking equipment on the glass stove in a smooth motion.You’ll increase the chance of scratching the surface of the glass if you start moving it around after cooking.

It seems simple, but not sliding iron on the glass cooking top is the best way to stop damage.

If you want to be super-safe when cooking with cast iron, you could invest in a heat diffuser to use on your glass tops.

The heat from the stove should be spread evenly across the bottom of the pan.If you enjoy cooking up sauces or slow cooking, heat diffusers are perfect.

The buffer between your pan and skillet and the glass itself is an additional benefit that helps when cooking on delicate glass stovetops.To avoid scratching, place the heat diffuser firmly on the glass.Put your kitchen implement on top.

Iron cookware will not damage the surface of the glass stove if you use heat diffusers.

One of the simplest ways to use a cast iron skillet or pan safely with a glass top electric stove is to keep it thoroughly cleaned.A good clean is what we mean when we say giving it a rinse every time you cook with it.

If you use cast iron cooking equipment, you need to look inside and outside.It’s too harsh for cast iron.Silicone scrubbers are similar to the ones that come with Uno Casa pans.It will usually work if you add some soap and hot water.

It’s a good idea to wash your cast iron skillet before you cook with it.This guide will show you how to clean your cast iron without damaging it.

If you neglect the glass top stove you’re actually cooking on, there’s no need to clean your cast iron before and after you start cooking.

A glass top stove looks great when it’s first installed, but you need to keep it that way for a long time.Your glass top stove can be damaged by splashes and spills from your pots and pans.

This combination can lead to scratching if you’re using cast iron cooking equipment.Before and after every cooking session, you need to wipe down and clean the glass top stove.

If you see a lot of oil on the glass, it’s a good idea to wipe it up as soon as possible.

In addition to your daily wipe downs, you’ll want to be putting in a deeper clean at least once a month, or if you have a particularly chaotic or sloppy cooking session one weekend!

Can you use cast iron on the stove?Our experts said yes, just be careful.It’s time to invest in more cast iron cookware for your kitchen, as well as a shiny new glass cooktop, with all our handy tips and tricks.

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