duma in English is a translation of the name bab.laDuma.

The root of the name is (duma), meaning the silence of death.

The root (ddm) is all about beginnings, or rather the simplicity from whence complexity arises, from being still before the noise starts and before color vision starts.The word means to be still, it also means calmness and dumma means a silenced person.Noun (duma) is a description of the silence of death, waiting and inertia.

Making a still image is described by the word.Nouns and mean likeness.It means to stop, halt or arrest.Noun means a halt.(dmn) may have meant refuse or a manure pit.

It may have been used to produce or begin to PRODUCE.Noun means "product" or " likeness-made-from-soil" and is one of the few words for man.The feminine equivalent of this word is, which means arable soil or clay-red earth.

Red is the first color a baby learns to see and it is also the color of rudiment.