Facts and Information on the Goddess Clotho: NameMeaning, Popularity, and Similar Names

In ancient Greek mythology, Clotho is one of the Three Fates.The youngest of the sisters is Clotho.Nona is the Roman equivalent of her.The thread of human life was spun by Clotho.She was able to control people's lives by making major decisions when a person was born.She was able to choose who was born, but also to decide when gods or mortals would be saved or put to death.Clotho brought Pelops back to life after he was killed by his father.

Her contribution to mythology was immense.The alphabet for their people was created by Clotho and her sisters.The representation of fate in Greek mythology is more focused on Clotho and her sisters.The fate of all men in society was represented by Thread's decisions.

According to Greek mythology, Clotho was the daughter of Zeus and Themis.She was thought to be the daughter of Uranus and Gaia in Roman mythology.

As one of the Three Fates, Clotho aided in creating the alphabet, forced the goddess Aphrodite into making love with other gods, killed the Titan Typhon with poison fruit, and persuaded Zeus to kill Asclepius with a bolt of lightning.In the myth of Tantalus, the god who killed Pelops and prepared him for a dinner party with other gods, Clotho used her life-giving powers.The Pelops were put in a cauldron when the other gods found out what Tantalus had done.He was brought back to life with the exemption of his shoulder, which was replaced by a chunk of ivory.Tantalus was sent into the Underworld for what he had done to his family.Clotho is one of the Three Fates and is worshiped in many places in Greece.The Greek goddess of fertility is similar to Clotho in that she carries a ball of thread.The English word for cloth is clothos.

Clotho and the other two Fates were tricked by Alcestis.When Admetus became very sick and died, Alcestis became deeply anguished.Alcestis took advantage of Clotho's drunkenness and tried to get her husband back.Admetus could be released from the Underworld if they were to find a replacement for him.Alcestis offered to be the replacement in order to bring her husband back to life.Alcestis sank into her grave as Admetus came back to life after he had been sick.The process had begun and there was no turning back.At the last moment, Hercules arrived at the home of Admetus.When Death came to take Alcestis, Hercules wrestled him and forced him to return Admetus and Alecetis.

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