Fandom Shrek the Third is a movie starring Eric Idle and is available on the internet.

Artie, listen.If you think this whole scene isn’t good, I feel you.I’m not trying to get up in your grill or raise your roof, but I want you to check out this kazing!Just say, “Oh, no you di’n’t!” if it does not grooves or what I’m saying is not straight trippin’.You’re on my last nerve.I’ll know it’s wack.

Shrek was hit in the face with a branch.

Artie is asking for help.I was kidnapped by a monster who was trying to relate to me.

Knocks on the door of a tree.

Artie said Knock, knock.Hello!Hello!

A crystal is a few feet from the door.

Greetings to the children of the universe.My circle is called the serenity circle.All bad vibes should be left outside of the healing vortex.Prepare now.

The hologram cuts off.There is a person coming out the front door.

I knew I should have gotten that warranty.

Artie asked Merlin to help them get back to Far Far Away.

weeping like a troubled teen

Artie: It’s just so hard.They need to get back because their kingdom is in trouble and there’s a bad man.

Come on, take it easy!

Artie: No!I don’t think you comprehend!

Collapses at Merlin’s feet.

Artie says there’s a mean person doing good things to good people.

Have a heart, old man.

They need your help to get them back.Why don’t you help them?

Collapses and sobs are audible.

I’ll go and get my things.

Artie stands up and clears his throat.

Artie has a piece of cake.

I’m a buzzing bee.

Artie asked Mr. Merlin.They…

gestures to the crew but stops short

Artie, we really need your help.Do you think you can use your magic to move us?

I don’t do that stuff anymore.How about a hug?That’s the best kind of magic.

Tell me what you see when you look into the fire.

The donkey said, “Ooh, charades!”There is a chocolate waffle with cinnamon swirls.

There is a monster.Go for it.

Shrek looks into the smoke and sees a baby carriage.

Uh Uh…I see a pony.