Five Below10ft premium 8-pin cable for use with the iPhone.

An excellent article was posted by merlin1128 about how to use and charge your phone.His tip can be found below.

I have everything Apple makes, from the iPod to the iPad, and I just got an iPad.Since I have an extensive background in electronics, I will clarify all this in this post.

Will you be able to charge an iPad even if your PC doesn’t charge?It will take 4 times longer to charge the iPad than it will charge your PC, even though it is a quarter of the price.Before you go to bed write down what the battery percentage is and in the morning you’ll see it went up, it’s a good idea to test that plug your iPad into your PC.It will go up a bit.The reason it says “Not Charging” when you are looking at the screen is that theusb is not doing anything for the battery.

If you look at the numbers above, you can see that it will take twice as long to charge up your iPad if you use an Apple product than if it is a non-Apple product.I am using these numbers to keep it simple and understandable.

It will take 10 hours to charge up your iPad if it takes 5 hours, because it is only 1/2 the watt and Amps.Make sense?It’s just doing the math.I have not tried to do a full charge using ausb port on my PC, but I believe that it will take 4 times longer because the port is 1/3 the output of an iPad and 1/3 of the power of a iPhone.If you have an iPad on your PC, the only thing you can do is power up your screen and not charge the battery.To test that, I would have to take a guess and say let your iPad run down to 20% or so, turn it off, plug it in and power it up for at least 12 to 16 hours to see where it is.I know it will charge the battery, but it is going to take more time.

I hope this helps clarify things for everyone because it’s just math with the output and the difference is Amps and Watts.It won’t take you a day to charge your iPad due to the larger battery.

Even though the external power supply is not included in the price of the Hub, it still produces the .5 Amps.If you buy a hub that only has one port, you’ll get 10 watt 2.1 Amps, but it won’t be out of a port on the hub.It’s a good idea to read before you buy because car chargers are the same.